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8 Reasons to intern in Australia

Why intern in Australia? Student’s love Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane not just because of the great weather, amazing quality of life and the beaches but also because some of the world’s top companies have their offices here. From startups like...

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11 ways to maximize your internship

Securing an internship at a company of your choice takes a lot of hard work and planning. There is virtually no difference between getting hired as an intern as opposed to a full time employee as far as the hiring process is concerned. So, when you earn the position,...

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5 Tips to Improve work-life balance

Trying to find the perfect balance between Work and Life If that statement made you want to jump out and hashtag #RelatablyRelatable, then I proudly welcome you to the 21st century bandwagon, where adulthood truly seems like a big lie our parents told us. Remember the...

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Communication In The Work Place

At various stages in our life we have had to negotiate our way into getting things done and surprisingly enough, this is a skill we’ve mastered growing up! Remember leaving secret notes for our parents or trying to negotiate a late night out with dad – we always knew...

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Why Should I Take up an Internship?

Business is changing & the job market is getting competitive The way business works is changing. Business disruption is now not a new term. New world is replacing old world and IT-enabled services are changing the way traditional business works. An internship...

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Linkedin Tips to Do Today

There are more than 350 million professionals on LinkedIn. I’m going to share with you my best tips to stand out! Before we get into tips & tricks, let’s review some statistics… Over 500 million users worldwide 4.2 million Australian users 40% of users log on daily 2...

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