How your social media presence impacts your interview  

Posting on social media can be used to build your image as much as to wreck it. Employers view recruitment as an investment to ensure they aren’t wasting their time and money on unprofessional employees. You must put your best foot forward when you present yourself to employers. 

Candidates take care of their dress code, appearance, and speech before their internship interview. But there is one thing we might not consider is our social media presence. Employers can easily access your social media accounts in today’s technological age. They might check your social media rather than just calling the references provided on your resume. 

Social media is a prominent tool for communicating with friends and family. Today everyone has a social media account showcasing their lifestyle and good memories. However, how you represent yourself on social media might impact your upcoming online internship interviews. 

Avoid below mentioned social media behaviour as a Job Applicant :

  • Avoid Explicit Content :

Sometimes we share posts or memes that are not appropriate on our social media profiles. Employers might find you unprofessional if they encounter such posts on your social media handles. Therefore, you must avoid sharing abusive and mean content on your social sites. Posting offensive content doesn’t justify you as an adult looking for working opportunities. Yet you can post whatever you like on your social media make sure you have updated your privacy settings to ‘Friends only.’

  • Check Grammatical errors :

Posts on social media tend to have simple conversational language. Users on social media never care about correcting punctuations, but this type of communication can affect your job interviews. Communication skills play a crucial role during job interviews. Hence, with the help of good social media communication, you can portray your professional capabilities. 

  • Posts About Drug and Alcohol Consumption:

Posting pictures of yourself wasted in pubs and bars is not something your employers want to see. By saying this, we are not saying that don’t party or drink alcohol; it’s just that regular highlighting of such stories might affect you professionally. No employer is interested in a candidate supporting alcohol publically. So your try is to avoid such posts during your interview period. 

  • Complaints About Previous Employers

We all go through work-life frustration but don’t take your social media handles to remove your anger. Many memes and reel content are going viral regarding work life. You must avoid sharing negative posts regarding jobs, especially when your privacy settings aren’t secured. Any employer won’t accept negative opinions about your past or present company. Keeping our views about your employment private with your friends will be more profitable

Tips for Social Media Management  

Social media presence increases popularity – employers have found it a great tool for background checking of employees. So use your social media to highlight your best skill set. By developing a creative, inspiring, and interesting profile you can attract the best internship programs. There are social networking sites like LinkedIn who help employees to create a live portfolio which can be visited by employers. Try enhancing your professional social media presence with rich content that highlights your skills, certifications and achievements.

Social media is a place where everyone is equal, and everyone is allowed to be themselves. But never forget to manage your privacy settings. We suggest candidates have two accounts, personal and professional, as it can help you maintain a balance between them. Also, remember that your profile photos are visible to everyone, so be wise while choosing one. Employers will always investigate your potential before hiring you through every possible means, including social media accounts. So showcase your best self when you apply for the Australia internship program. Stay stunned for more internship-related updates.