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Program Overview


The program is a fast paced Three Week Structure designed to build competencies relevant to today's work place.


Competency Development:
4 core competency development focus.

Dale Carnegie


Industry Based Live Project:
106 hrs live industry project with industry interaction on real industry challenges.

Dale Carnegie X ECA Internships

Dale Carnegie Philosophy

Competency Development

Over 4 sessions and 8hrs, Dale Carnegie trainers will work on building 4 core competencies for success.

  • 1The art of maintaining & managing workplace relations (1hr)
  • 2The Art of Storytelling (2hrs) - Public speaking & presentation
  • 3Communicate Effectively (2hrs) - Build rapport and postitive relationships
  • 4Critical Thinking (3hrs) - Tools for effective action

Industry Based
Live Project

The program starts with a live industry briefing to discuss the project, problem statement and expected outcomes.

Students then work in groups of 5 (max) collaboratively to put together a project work plan to build a busines case.

Industry Interaction occurs at various checkpoints during the program to ensure interns are on track.

Work on Real-World Business Challenges

Students will engage in discussion with Industry hosts to understand and solve real life business challenges.

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