Social Media Community Management || Internship Opportunity  

After a massive rise in the demand for social media marketing, recruiters are now looking for students/ interns who can manage social media communities for better engagement. As social media is one of the fastest ways of marketing, businesses are switching online. With brand marketing comes brand management; therefore, companies require social media community managers to manage online communities.

The most active way of community management is tracking the trends on social media and finding data that can help your organisation to grow. A community management internship program in Australia also requires skills like understanding social media tools, managing multiple projects, running campaigns, creating analysis reports, etc. 

If you are interested in digital marketing-related internship opportunities, read the blog further. This blog will take you through this emerging social media community management internship opportunity and how it works.

What is Social Media Community management?

Social media community management is the next stage of a social media marketing campaign. After running ads and campaigns, you need someone to manage social media interactions, maintain an audience, respond to comments and connect with consumers. A social media community manager is in charge of managing the social media community. 

Roles and responsibilities of internship:

Monitoring :

One of the critical responsibilities of a social media community manager is to analyse and monitor the brand image online. They are responsible for maintaining online visibility of brand tracking in the comments section. Reverting customer complaints is also a task that comes under online image monitoring. Online software or applications notify brands if their business is discussed online. Here are some examples: Google alerts, Social mentions, Flipboard, and many more. Millions of brands with an online reach mostly use such tools to track customer interactions. We can typically track the comments and reverts through internal platform features like Instagram insights. 

Engagement :

Managing engagements is vital in community management, as how you speak to your customer represents your brand. To maintain a healthy online community, you must check and reply to customer feedback. During an internship, you will be expected to check customer responses on Instagram stories and polls. Engagement growth plans and ideation plans are some of the critical tasks of social media engagement managers.


After running campaigns, motivating users to mention your brand through social media hashtags, and tagging your pages in posts, some might talk good or bad about your brand. Community managers check social media public mentions for the brand and filter the content accordingly. Every social media community intern is expected to review such posts and find preventive measures for people who bad-mouth your brand. You can also apply for an online internship 2022 program in social media management for small businesses.

Similar roles to social media community management:

Don’t get demotivated if you aren’t selected for social media community management. You can still apply for other similar jobs mentioned below:

  • Online Gaming Community Manager- In this role, you have to manage gaming communities and respond to players, feedback and comments. You have to organise live streams and run gamers’ social media accounts.
  • Nonprofit Community Manager- This profile focuses on managing communities for nonprofit organisations or specific projects by promoting charity occasions on social media platforms, creating posts for community outreach, interacting with members, and supporting other nonprofit communities.
  • E-commerce Community Manager- Some people run businesses online on social media platforms, build awareness through social media promotions, and create campaign strategies to increase customer engagement on the website.

Digital marketing has become the fastest growing field to reach a maximum number of audiences within seconds. The market has increased the need for talented social media community managers, videographers, and graphic designers. You can start your social media community management career with the best internship for Graduates in companies or organisations that require social media management support.

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