Differences between careers of a Business Analyst & Data Analyst  

Students all over the globe are stuck with the dilemma of which path to take for their professional careers. Due to this, the search for the best internship program for students has been high as ever. Today we’ll discuss and compare two of the most renowned profiles – business analyst and data analyst to ease the burden. So, stay hooked until the end, as this much-needed information will help you understand the difference between the two roles and select the best analyst internship

Data analysts and business analysts operate with data to enhance the organisation’s decision-making process. Both of these roles are typically covered and well-compensated. Data analysts and business analysts are often used interchangeably for their unique expertise. It makes understanding the distinction between the two career choices extremely significant. Hence, let us take a glance at what these positions entail and give you more clarity on the best internship program for students.

The business analyst analyzes multiple kinds of information for making data-driven decisions for the organisation. They often use the insights gained from the data analyst to determine concerns and find solutions. On the contrary, the data analyst examines datasets to uncover insights and trends that are subsequently utilised for making informed organisational decisions. To give you even more clarity about the best internship program in Australia for students, let us look at the roles of each position separately. 

Role of A Business Analyst

The primary skills required to work as a business analyst are critical thinking, communication, process enhancement, and problem-solving. Entry-level business analyst positions generally require a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field of study. The requirement for professionals with expert data skillsets is massive.

Role Of A Data Analyst

A Data Analyst is responsible for assembling, cleaning, examining, visualising, and presenting the existing data to the organisational leaders for making better and more informed decisions. To be an influential data analyst, the individual must possess the technical skills needed for mining and analysing the data. 

Business Analyst vs Data Analyst

As you might have understood by now, business analysts and data analysts use data to a vast extent. The primary disparity lies with what they do with the data. A business analyst works with the data to make better decisions for the business. On the flip side, a data analyst examines the data for the company to evaluate and make decisions on its own. Unsurprisingly, the role of business analyst and data analyst are two of the most famous options among the best internship programs for students. 

The skills needed by a data analyst – data analysis, statistics, knowledge of data structures, SQL and statistical programming

The skills needed by a business analyst – require analysis, prototyping, knowledge of business structures, Microsoft Visio, and software design tools. 

How to choose a career between a data analyst and a business analyst?

If you are confused about which choice to pick among the best internship programs for students available in today’s time, you are not alone. To select either of data analyst or business analyst as your career choice, you need to take the following two factors into account:

Your background

The business analyst typically has an undergraduate degree in a business-focused major. They majorly use data to make business more efficient; they know multiple programming languages. While data analyst usually comes from STEM majors and has a more extensive background in science, maths, databases, and predictive analytics. 

Your interest

You need to determine whether you are someone who obsesses over statistics and numbers, or are you one who is more of a problem-solving individual? Data analysts are generally numbers-driven individuals who have expertise in programming and statistics. Business analysts are more interested in finding methods to solve issues. 

The demand for business analysts and data analysts is enormous. Considering the stated facts, you can easily understand the difference between a data analyst and a business analyst. Consequently, you will be able to choose which amongst both is the best internship program for students concerning your skillset and aspirations. Connect with ECA and discover for yourself to grasp some of the best business & data analyst internship programs 2022.