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The world around is changing – and no one believes otherwise. Technologies invented a decade or so ago are already being forgotten and every day we are pushing the boundaries a little further. Over the last few years at ECA Internships we are seeing a swift shift in the type of internship opportunities that our hosts are requesting. 4 years ago, over 50% of all internships on our portal were related to marketing, finance and accounting.  Now 42% of all internships posted on our portal revolve around data science, data analytics, cyber security, cloud native architecture and other new age technology related roles.

This is quite a significant shift – from 0 requests on a few of these roles just 5 years ago to 42% of all internships! Another puzzler is that when we talk to new companies, they tell us about how finding talent to fill up these positions is becoming a challenge due to the lack of availability. This is a perfect setting for students looking to pursue a career in data science, analytics, cybersecurity and even blockchain – as the number of opportunities are plenty, the pay is lucrative and there is demand for quality talent.

Do you still don’t believe us? Did you know just 10 years back – the concept of Instagram Influencers was unknown. There were 0 influencers on Instagram and do you know why – because Instagram was launched in October 2010! Social Media Manager, another profile that many are recruited as did not exist 10 years ago – well Facebook only had about 400 million users in 2010. That’s how fast things are changing. So, when we say cybersecurity will become one of the most lucrative careers in the next few years – we are not just guessing.

A cyber-attack can disrupt a traditional computer system by manipulating the software or erasing data, but the physical computer is still intact, and with various degree of efforts, the software and the data can be restored. But a cyber physical system, can be destroyed – that is, made to explode. Repairing or replacing such a system can take weeks or even months. Especially if many are destroyed at the same time, since spare systems and parts are usually scarce and often custom manufactured. As we move ahead and the good guys get better, the bad guys will get worse. Cyber security roles across sectors are bound to become a norm. Every company will need a cyber security professional if not a team on their payroll. Today, we can count the number of companies with a cyber security department.

Here is an article on how to get hired as a Cyber Security Intern

Recently, we had compiled a list of all the skills that will be in-demand in 2021, while compiling that list too we saw compelling data to suggest that the field of data science, UI/UX, cloud architecture, cyber security will see a boom. That article was published in January 2021 and since then 73% of all the new internship opportunities uploaded on our portal by our host companies have revolved around the above-mentioned skills.

One of the main challenges many students face is that frontline colleges do not offer these subjects as a part of their core curriculum hence students sometimes feel that they do not have the required background to apply for these positions, however, that is the beauty of an internship. You can have little knowledge of the subject yet secure an internship and learn at the job.

Here is a list of colleges we compiled for our host companies to hire from – if you are still applying for colleges and choosing a program this list will give be surely helpful.

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