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Internships help add a strong base at the start of one’s professional career. Today, in this blog, we shall look at an organisation’s marketing profile and how marketing interns act crucially in a company’s growth. Various organisations in Australia today, provide internship programs for students, which help them get a practical understanding of the work environment.

What is Marketing

Marketing is the comprehensive process of getting people to know about your company and its deliverables. It involves market research, analysis, trends, use of various marketing tools, understanding of customer behaviour, and much more. It engulfs almost all aspects of a business, including product development, distribution methods, sales, marketing analysis and advertising.

It would be better to call marketing the backbone of the business. Any business entity cannot survive without a solid customer base. 

And how do companies stand tall in the market?

A business outshines through good marketing policies and practices. 

Marketing Internships and Interns

Organisations today put a lot of time and effort in building a good marketing team to have the best people on board for flourishing business growth. The focus lies upon getting the best people on the team. Also, on the other hand, organisations today are highly focused on getting a highly enthusiastic and innovative bunch of interns to get new ideas and perspectives on the table and, at the same time, build a pool of potential future employees. 

Business internships related to marketing help candidates acquire the skill set suiting a marketing job profile. These internships can be undertaken by candidates who have a marketing background or are pursuing marketing in their undergraduate. This training shall help them gain broad experience in the marketing field and prepare them to enter any competitive marketing job profile.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketing Intern

Business houses look for energetic, young, innovative candidates for more exciting and out-of-the-box marketing ideas. As a marketing intern, the candidate is required to collaborate with the organisation’s marketing and advertising team at all levels of the marketing campaigns and is expected to give insightful suggestions that can help develop, expand and maintain the marketing channels of the company.

Let us see some of the roles and responsibilities expected from a marketing intern. They are:

  • A marketing intern, the first and foremost role of the candidate, is to assist in the management of marketing operations of the company under the supervision of the respective senior who is training you.
  • He is expected to collaborate on the annual marketing plans of the company.
  • The intern is asked to collect and analyse qualitative and quantitative data from marketing campaigns.
  • His work includes market analysis and research on competition.
  • Be supportive of the marketing team in the daily administrative tasks of the company.
  • Involve themselves regularly in the team’s brainstorming sessions.
  • His role and responsibilities will also include assisting the team in bringing new ideas for content creation on social media platforms.
  • He must also manage and update the company’s database and customer relationship management(CRM) systems under the supervision of a senior team member.
  • He must also prepare promotional presentations.
  • The intern should actively organise and assist the company’s marketing events.
  • Another crucial role of a marketing intern is to conduct customer surveys to understand the target market audience better.

A good marketing intern is eager to learn new things and, with the help of those learnings, can bring fresh input to the company. A candidate is considered good in marketing when he is well-acquainted with the prevailing marketing trends and has a clear understanding of different software and programs available for marketers today.

After discussing so much about marketing and marketing internships, it is pretty evident that marketing is the most crucial and growth-oriented career one can opt for, and internships help in giving your marketing career a good start. At ECA, we provide students with the best internship programs in the field of marketing. Join us for a better tomorrow!