Why are virtual internships becoming the new normal ?  

What is the first thought that pops into your head about an intern? A student is running with a coffee behind the manager. Internships are mostly core office work, like checking files or making presentations. But now, after the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been introduced to a new term: virtual internships.

Online Internships are opportunities for students to work and gain internship experiences from home. Every university graduate is trying to scrutinise the best internship programs available. The pandemic has wholly altered the traditional working environment, due to which students prefer to work remotely.

Today the dynamics of work and education have changed owing to the technological switch in the world. Students can easily apply for internships through various employment-providing websites and job portals. 

Why is an Internship Important? 

Internships provide uni students with the opportunity to develop their professional skills, besides assisting college students in exploring career options in various industries. Companies also allow them to expand their professional networks. There are even opportunities for career advancement after completing the internship. Students who complete internships are more likely to receive job offers after graduation. 

The perks of working as an Online Intern :

Cost-Effective : 

Online interning helps us to save time and money at the same time. You can save a lot while working from home as it eliminates your office outings, daily commutes, and coffee shop brunches. The international team can easily communicate with the interns at zero cost as the meetings are held online. Organisations perform meetings and goal-setting through project management tools such as Parallel, Slack, Monday, and many more.

Flexible Shift Timings : 

Most of the people end up missing morning breakfast due to early work shifts. With remote working, you can quickly log in to your computer and have your breakfast without a hurry. Flexible timings have made it easier for interns to gain experience with education.

Every day is a learning Venture :

Through virtual interning, you have a scope for learning new things every day. Students and trainees get work-life experiences with on-field knowledge, which eventually helps their resumes stand out. If we look from the learning perspective, remote working is very fruitful.

Work-Life Balance :

For healthy living, it’s always said that you must maintain a balance between office and personal life. With remote working, you can easily manage your personal life according to your comfort. Which makes the employee more productive and stress free.

Work Culture Training :

Remote work comes with responsibilities and trains you to maintain discipline. As job roles are entirely online, there are meetings, training, and calls regarding work updates. Such activities keep you active and disciplined. Regular meetings with managers and seniors give the student a sense of responsibility.

Independence while working :

Virtual internships help interns understand their responsibilities and meet deadlines without much supervision. When you are independent, you can be more productive and use your time for the best outputs. You can work according to your amenity and timings. 

The most prominent benefit of remote working for interns is digital literacy training and working with global clients. Remote working is environmentally friendly and helps save numerous resources, such as light, paperwork, electricity, office supplies, etc. 

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“Virtual Working is an eco-friendly way to grow your learning and work experience.”