Tricks to Ace your internship game in a startup || ECA Internships  

Short-term work experiences work magnificently in career enhancement for a candidate. They expose you to new studies and help you develop various professional skills. Internship programs 2022 are the best opportunities for practically learning about job roles and their associated tasks.

But which one would you prefer? A startup or a fully grown organisation?

Well, both have their own set of good and bad. Today, we shall discuss how internships in a startup turn out to be a game-changer for professional and personal growth. So, let’s walk across the complex web of a startup scenario.

The most fundamental question is: Why should you intern?

Internships are the go-to for candidates seeking “real-world work experience”. They challenge you with the steepest learning curve as you gain knowledge projects from end to end. It is more challenging to adapt to the work environment as the fast pace of startup operations takes some time. 

What if you do not possess any prior experience?

Everything has a beginning, and so makes your career too. Not having any prior work experience doesn’t make you handicapped. Past exposure is not a prerequisite for making the most of an internship. So, let us throw some light upon acing the intern game in a startup.

1.Give it your best shot!

Startups are a messed-up place as every team member is required to work cross-functionally. The term “Intern” here is much more than the word suggests, as they are treated more like a team member. Startups expect out-of-the-box ideas from every team member, whether he is the founder or an intern.

Your ideas at this phase, no matter how weird or crazy they may sound to you, could hold the potential of a fresh perspective for the growth of the startup. The availability of resources is less than in MNCs, but there is a vast scope for learning and development.  

2. Groom yourself out of your comfort zone.

The flexible and dynamic work environment in a startup allows you to explore different job roles and grow with the best ones. The possibilities in a new business are endless only if you allow yourself to be open-minded and not fickle with new things on the table. Startups generally work as smaller and growth-driven teams, so it becomes easy to look at the overall view and understand the working of every department on board. 

Everyone is on the same page regarding progress in a new venture. This can also result in discovering hidden talents and online internships; Australia helps you connect to the best opportunities. 

3. Prioritise your learning

When there is so much to absorb, it gets tricky to decide on what to take up at first. As a startup’s workflow is tangled and relentless, it becomes difficult to stick to the original intentions of learning and growth. Keeping clear goals and objectives will help you stay focused and acquire the necessary knowledge for the future.

While it is essential to step out of your comfort zone, it is equally important that you do not end up in a confused state of work. Strike the right balance for a top-notch internship term.

4. Breaks are necessary too.

As startups require a lot of input and an abundance of workload, it is very typical that some days you feel the urge for a break from the humdrum work life. But is it ok to take a break?

Of Course, it is! 

It is normal to take time off from busy work and have a break. Tune out from the complex work and give time to yourself to relax and reset for new work. Breaks could include any sports activity, music therapy, yoga, etc.  

5. Bond with your fellow interns

Fun is equally important as work is. In a working environment, professional bonding with colleagues holds equal weightage as your work productivity does. It is one thing to complete an internship, and it’s another to outshine the other interns of your company. The above tips help substantially to ace the internship game in a startup. At ECA, we provide such internships for students that help bring the best work opportunities for candidates or the potential employees.