Hiring Interns For Australia Internships Program  

Sara Whiteway, 21, a Data Analytics major from a top university in Sydney was looking for an internship before graduation to get hands-on experience, when she came across www.internships.eca.edu.au/. She logged onto the website and looked for positions in her neighborhood in Sydney. Up popped a posting for a internship at a three-year-old boutique data science firm. Through ECA she sent in a résumé and cover letter. Within weeks she heard from the firm’s founder, who interviewed her via Zoom. “She was very ambitious and smart and she knew how to research what we do online,” he recalls. Sara got the internship and loved it. “It was a great way to utilize the skills I had picked up during my undergrad,” she says. Just like Sara many young graduates from top universities of Australia regularly sign in to similar websites hoping to be bag the perfect internship. Similarly, businesses big and small, today, understand the benefits of recruiting a quality intern and how it can help the company’s hiring process in the long run.

To make lives of businesses easy, here is the list of the top 10 websites from which you can hire your next intern.

1. ECA Internships: With offices spread across the globe, ECA Internship is an Australian Internship Management and student employability program specifically aimed at international students. They manage internship programs for a variety of Universities and Higher Education providers with the aim to increase employability after graduation. As they work with some of the top universities of Australia and have a pool of high performing students it is good platform to recruit your top interns.

Click here to register with ECA internships to get assistance with setting up your internship program and access to top national and international students.

Click here to send in an enquiry and get connected with internship opportunities from businesses across Australia.

2. Australian Internships: The platform has a global presence and is a perfect solution for a small business looking for a first time intern. However, due to it’s size the platform might seem daunting and filtering interns because of the sheer number of applicants may become a task. However, the platform attracts students from several countries and is good to explore especially if you just want to test the waters.

3. GradConnection: Grad Connection is a popular job listing platform which also has a section for hiring interns. It is a convenient and popular platform and can be used to recruit your next paid or free intern. Many businesses have paid profiles with GradConnections for job listing and hence find it convenient to list their internships too. One downside of using GradConnection as your primary way to recruit interns is that you receive tons of spams from job seekers.

4. Seek: Seek is the parent company of GradConnection. Infact, the group owns several several websites for recruitment. SEEK has a massive base of 2.9 billion people, more than 51 million students and learners and a presence in 18 countries including China and across South-East Asia and Latin America. More often than not the internships are cross posted on all platforms owned by SEEK which gets your program more applicants.

5. The Intern Group: The Intern Group like ECA Internships focuses solely on internships and can help you hire the right intern for your business. They can not only help you hire quality interns but also help you through the hiring process if you are new.

6. Linkedin: A great place to recruit interns and employees is Linkedin. If your team has the time this is by far one of the best ways to form a connect, understand the candidate and evaluate the candidate that will fit your organization. If you are short on time you can always use Linkedin’s job listing platform and put up a paid advertisement to receive quick responses to your listing. The quality of interns via advertisement will surely be better than generic websites like seek and indeed but not as curated as the ones from ECA and The Intern Group.

7. Intern NZ OZ: A New Zealand based website that now offers opportunity in Australia too, Intern NZ OZ has a select student base from colleges in New Zealand and America. They help students from colleges like Drexel university relocate and intern in Australia. They can help small business start an internship program and hand hold you through the process. Intern NZ OZ provides around 400 interns per year.

8. Student Internships: This is an internship listing platform. The quality or quantity of interns coming from this platform is probably not going to fill the vacancy. However, it is good second platform to use to improve visibility of your internship opportunity. The site is owned by Student Services Australia Pty Limited. The company owns several websites that are student focused and divert traffic and impressions for your listing via these sites.

Regardless, of the platform you choose, it is imperative to have a robust internship program for your company. Interns provide companies with an array of perspectives and benefits they’ve likely never realized. One of the biggest perks is getting access to quality talent without sifting through hundreds of resumes and holding tons of interviews for candidates that may or may not be qualified. If you’re on the fence about implementing an internship program, consider the many benefits your company will receive and register as a host today. Work with one of the specialist firms above to get the hand holding you may require.

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