Key Factors Of Writing A Resume For Internship Program 2022  

The only way to stand out from the crowd in the earliest stages of your career is to present a cracking resume. What are the rules for effective resume writing?

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  • Do Limit Your Resume Text to 2 fonts.
  • Do Include Your Contact Info.
  • Do Use Powerful Verbs.
  • Do Show Your Tech Skills.
  • Do Include Soft Skills.
  • Do Highlight Your Achievements.
  • Do Keep It Updated.
  • Do Include a Summary Statement.
  • Do Use Appropriate Alignment.
  • Do Consider Volunteer or Other Non-Work Experience.
  • Do Highlight Your Most Relevant Experiences.
  • Do Proofreading.


  • Don’t Misrepresent Your Education or Job Experience.
  • Don’t State “References available upon request”.
  • Don’t Include your High School Education if you’re a College Graduate.
  • Don’t Give Reasons for Leaving Each Job.
  • Don’t Experiment with a Crazy Format.
  • Don’t Use your Company Phone Number or Email Address.
  • Don’t List Past Salary Information.
  • Don’t Reveal Confidential Information.
  • Don’t Add Hobbies or Interests that Are Unrelated to the Job.
  • Don’t Overload the Resume with Details.

Once you’ve got your resume perfected it’s time to move to writing a stellar cover letter.