Make an appealing resume that can help you get a good internship  

Applying for an internship in a well-reputed company is a stressful and enriching experience. In today’s time, candidates probably have an advantage in a competitive job market as they have many options to choose from among the best opportunities. At the same time, it also becomes disadvantageous for candidates as they have to face a lot of competition while hunting for a good internship.  

We all know by now that internships for students are the most common way of getting into any industry or profession by acquiring training and mentorship to build new skills. In a world where time is gold, hiring managers don’t have enough pulse to review each resume and decide on whom to choose. 

Also, when you are a candidate who does not possess any prior knowledge and for the first time you are heading out for an internship, your resume needs to shine out among the crowd. Today, various professions offer internships that can be paid or unpaid. These opportunities help students gain real-world and valuable job experiences to enhance their future careers. 

Securing a good internship is equivalent to getting a well-reputed job and involves a focused search. The process begins with developing a good resume for the best internship programs. When we talk about a good and appealing resume, apart from the basics, your resume must be able to narrate your story and reflect on what you have accomplished.  

So, if you’re looking to make your resume shine amongst the crowd, here are a few tips you should try and incorporate into the resume.

1. Cast your resume according to your industry.

Candidates must formulate a resume that gives an insight into their personality. Every industry has a different essence of its own. Many pictures, colours and fonts that align to a particular industry may not be suitable for the other. Hence, you must always consider the type and niche of the industry you are applying for before developing a resume.

2. Try incorporating keywords 

One of the best tips to make your resume shine is to use the job posting as a guide in the resume drafting process. If your resume includes certain words or phrases that relate closely to the job profile or company you are applying for. Relatable things on the resume help in striking the correct chord and fetch you the choice of preference.

3. Have transparency on what you want to convey.

When applying for an internship, it is important to give your best. You may not know how a hiring manager will perceive your resume. They can access your resume on their phone or their system. Therefore, you must ensure you are giving your best to deliver the best you can. This also helps in building transparency between you and the recruiter.

4. Write an appealing objective/summary.

Your resume must have a convincing, catchy and expressive objective, well-written to draw the hiring manager’s attention. This will also help managers understand your thought process behind choosing that particular company as your dream choice to intern with.

While framing the objective statements, you must keep in mind to limit them to two or three sentences and clearly state why you want to intern with them.  

5. Research about the company’s culture

Another thing to remember while you draft your resume, you must dedicate time to research the organisation you are willing to intern with. You must know what the company expects from you as an intern. Thoroughly go through the details of the best internship programs’ demands, understand what is expected from the interning candidate, and frame a more on-point resume.

6. Focus on the layout, design and formatting of your resume

A clear and well-defined resume can help you stand miles ahead of what others are trying to seek. When discussing design, formatting and layout choices, you must keep your resume simple, clean and professional in look and appeal. Another important fact that matters here is the font size and style, which means it should be easy for the eyes to read and understand.

7. Orderly Sectioned Resume

You must be careful while sectioning out your resume. Prioritise what you want to show at the top and build a sequence on how you want your recruiter to perceive your resume.

It is crucial to have a well-developed resume so that it leaves a mark in the eyes of the recruiter. After imbibing some good resume-building facts, draft a resume that outshines in the crowd and fetch you some outstanding career opportunities. Connect with ECA to ace your resume and grasp the best internship program 2022 in Australia.