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Why intern in Australia? Student’s love Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane not just because of the great weather, amazing quality of life and the beaches but also because some of the world’s top companies have their offices here. From startups like Canva and Spaceship to financial service giants like Westpac Group and Commonwealth Bank all call Australia home. Let’s look at why Australia is a great place to start your career!

Quality of Life

Everyone’s always talking about how the quality of life in Australia is top-notch but what does that even mean? Really, it’s a combination of things which together make up a fabulous way of living that can’t be compared to other countries and which include the weather, the shorter working hours and more public holidays, the higher wages and better-quality food. These are just a few of the many advantages which improve your day to day standard of living.

Citizens can avail of an efficient healthcare system and a social support system. Apart from this, the population density is very less even in the big cities. At 6.4 people per square mile, it stands third among countries with the least density of people.

Australia has a multicultural society with people from different parts of the world coming and settling here. In fact, 43% of Australians have parents of overseas origin or were born overseas.

The pollution-free air and the temperate climate and the natural ecosystems here make it an ideal place to settle down.

Here is Jashanjeet Kaur’s experience as a student intern in Melbourne

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The weather varies from region to region owning to the size of the country but in general most Australian cities enjoy great weather. Depending on which area you live in, you could be enjoying the tropical climate of the North (Queensland), the subtropical weather in Brisbane or Perth or perhaps the temperate weather enjoyed in South Australia, particularly Adelaide.

Laid Back work environment

To say Australians are friendly is an understatement. Perhaps it’s the influence of endless sunshine and surf culture, but Aussies are some of the most friendly, laid back, and welcoming people on the planet. Everyone’s your mate when you intern in Australia.

While every company is slightly different, there’s no doubt this down-to-earth attitude rubs off on the workplace. Sure, there will be internships in Australia that require a nice button-down and slacks, but it’s also not uncommon for more relaxed work settings to feature board shorts and bare feet. Here is an article with some great insight on the Australian Workplace culture


Australia is the 13th largest economy in the world with the 9th highest per capita income. Minimum wage is high in Australia relative to other countries – while in Australia the minimum wage is as much as $17.70 per hour, in United Kingdom it is just $AU14.66 per hour, in New Zealand $AU14.22 per hour, in France $AU14.98 per hour, in Germany $AU13.17 per hour, in Canada between $AU10.45 and 13.81 per hour depending on the province, and in the United States a far distant $AU10.08 per hour.

This allows anyone with a job to be able to afford rental and food regardless if they are working in a restaurant, retail outlet or if they are a professional.

Here’s Syed Mohammed Talha talking about his experience has an I.T intern in Melbourne

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Visa Process

The visa approval process of the qualified migration program takes, on average, 18 months, which is considered fast compared to other countries. If offered a full time role post your internship Australian visa process is far simpler than most western countries.

Cosmopolitan Culture

Australia is not a nation that takes itself too seriously, yet it has long shed the classic image of beach bums, sheep farmers and crocodile hunters. Australia’s flourishing, multicultural cities are hotbeds for arts, food and socializing.

Whether you’re interested in live music, dance, theater or literature, Australia has a new show (and probably a festival) that will be right up your street. The country’s diverse population has created a wonderfully vibrant culture that embraces art and traditions from around the world.

Availability of Internships

Thanks to Australia’s thriving economy, there are always several internship opportunities and jobs openings at any given time. Student’s always have options and can choose the right internship that will support their career growth. Companies in Australia also invest heavily on their interns both in terms of time and resources, hence, the internship experience is unmatched.

Aika Kawasaki, Hotel Accountant at world renowned Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa talks about how they worked with ECA Internships to structure their internship program so their students get the most out of the experience.

Get a feel of the Australian Work Place

If you plan to work and settle in Australia, an internship will provide you with a relatively stress-free environment to understand and learn about the Australian workplace culture. This short term commitment not only helps you get a feel of the career without diving into it but also helps you understand whether you want to work for a start-up or a big corporation. It will give you a deeper insight into how Australian businesses operate.

Many interns get hired by the company they intern for if they are a good fit and hence internship is not just a good way for you to discover the company but also for the company to see if you are a good fit.

The IT and Marketing manager of GENTEC talks about how they end up hiring most of their interns from ECA Internship for full-time rolls

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