Internship Case Study: Yu-Chi Huang - ECA Internships  


Yu-Chi Huang
From Taiwan
Finance / Accounting Intern at ECA Internships

Hi I’m Yu- Chi Huang. I was born and brought up in Xindian District, Taiwan. Growing up in Taiwan has been fantastic and I have fond memories of Taiwanese food, and people’s friendliness. As a young student, I have always wanted to travel overseas and explore the world.

Choosing to come to Australia
After completing my Bachelor of Statistics in Taiwan, I decided to pursue further studies in Australia to broaden my horizons. I lived in Australia for one year on a working holiday and I really liked the environment and nature.

In terms of benefits, firstly I saw my English improve and I enjoyed the diverse global community in Melbourne. Secondly, I can see a lot of opportunities in Australia armed with a specific skills and qualifications such as financial accounting.
Life as an Intern in Melbourne, Australia.
I have travelled to most of the major cities in Australia and I have found Melbourne to be full of historical buildings and several cultural events which I have enjoyed a lot. I would certainly say it’s the most livable city in the world.

I have learnt both theoretical and practical accounting in my university and my Internship experience through ECA helped improve my understanding of the real work environment and has helped increase my confidence in my accounting skills.

As a student and an Intern in Melbourne, one of my favorite places is the National Gallery of Victoria that hosts a wide range of international and local artists, exhibitions and events; from contemporary art to major historic, fashion and design, architecture etc., I always like to immerse myself in the cultural and artistic environment.

My Internship experience at Seen Technologies
Seen technologies is a leading provider of place-based communication and display solutions as well as digital signage, 3D holograms and 3D print technology. In addition, the company has deep experience in running large scale digital signage networks for retailers and property developers worldwide. The entire team at Seen technologies are from different countries and cultural backgrounds. The team members are extremely professional, always friendly and helpful.

My Supervisor is a CPA and has extensive experience in management and financial accounting both in Australia and China. She is full of passion for teaching and has guided me well through my internship.

The focus of my Internship has been utilizing Zoho and getting an understanding of how transactions are recorded as well as audit inventory controls and management. I learnt how to review and analyze a profit and loss statement and use this analysis to forecast budgets for the upcoming year. I have also learnt how to analyze international freight costs, duty and tax related components of logistics. Finally, I have also gained experience in the reconciliation of entities and balance sheet integrity.


My Tips for Interns.
Learn as much as you can. An internship is your best learning opportunity. Always ask questions. There is no stupid question. Stay positive while encountering any tough situation, take challenges positively.


From Internship to Employment
My ECA Internship experience allowed me to apply my theoretical accounting into Practice at Seen technologies. I have also gained a deeper insight into how companies operate. I have also learnt how to deal with issues and challenges and learnt problem solving skills that I have found to be extremely important in the workplace. An internship allows you to gain insight into your soft skill competency areas as well. My confidence has grown, and I was lucky to be offered an accounting role at Seen technologies after my Internship.