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Web Development Internship | Step-by-Step Guide

Web Development Internship | Step-by-Step Guide


The demand for software developer roles such as web developers, full-stack developers, and cloud engineers grew nearly 25% from April-October 2019 to April-October 2020, according to analysis by LinkedIn and has been on a steady rise even in 2021. Getting an internship in these fields can immensely improve your chances of getting a full-time position after graduation.

We at ECA Internships have also been seeing a number of postings from our 500+ host companies with titles Web Development intern, Full-Stack Development intern, Cloud native Architecture Intern and other positions in similar fields. Since this is such a hot topic we decided to answer all questions you may have before applying for these open internship positions.

Most in-demand skills of 2021

How do I get internship as a Web Developer?

Harrison Reid, founder of Ippo.io emphasises building a portfolio of your projects. Even if it is basic – just get into the habit of adding all your pages on it. He recommends to learn by building. Regardless, of the certifications and tutorials you complete there is no substitute to getting your hands dirty. Start working on your personal website if nothing else. He then goes on to say learn in public. We think this is one of his best recommendations – document everything you are learning in a blog. This way others can help you and it will remain as a journal of how you have grown in skill over time. On social handles follow other developers and be a part of the communication. Harrison’s final advice is to start preparing for interviews. Depending on the company you want to intern for the interviews will vary. Many company just look for very basic information while hiring interns and others can have coding challenges and multiple rounds. This is where ECA Internships can surely help. We prep all our students for host companies they are interviewing for and also match you to the company that is best suited for you.

To read Harrision Reid’s complete answer on Quora click here.

Will web-development be a good career in the years to come?

Looking at the growth trajectory and the demand, web developers will remain in-demand for this decade. As a web developer you will require to constantly upskill but the demand for skilled developers – front and back-end will only grow. With the advent of 5G, the digital world will only get more affordable and intertwined with the physical world and we will see a further burst of digital activities.

Is web-development a dying career?

Certainly not. It is fragmenting. You don’t need to be a designer anymore to be a full stack web developer. There was a time when the entire website or an app was made by one person but those days are long gone. The field will create further specialized positions in the years to come. From AI Experts to IOT Engineers all will become a part of the web development team. So as long as you are upskilling regularly and being aware of trends you have nothing to worry about.

Ready to apply for an internship in web-development?

At ECA Internship, we have several open positions for full stack developer. Please fill the form by clicking here and our an ECA Expert will get in touch with you to understand your goals and map you with a company that is best suited for you. Over the years we have managed to place over 7500 interns across sectors and 65% of these interns ended up being hired in the same sector after graduating.