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Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2022

Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2022


Careers in the IT sector have significantly impacted today’s dynamic work environment. Studies reveal that jobs in software development are expected to rise more in future. Programming languages are the backbone of every online service we are using today. 

Programming languages are a mode of communication used by humans directing computers to use a particular syntax and carry out specific tasks. With the ever growing impact of digitalisation in every field, the scope and number of programming languages are increasing immensely. Wikipedia states that there are approximately 700 programming languages with new additions made to this list every year.

IT organisations highly demand for qualified software engineers with detailed knowledge of programming languages. Predictions show that this trend shall continue to rise with each passing year. ECA’s internship program 2022 provides some of the best training programs for candidates willing to opt for a software development career. Let us witness the top performing programming languages you can learn this year to enhance your software knowledge.

1. Python

Being regarded as the “King of coding language” by 80% of developers, Python is considered the future of programming. It is an object-oriented language created by Guido van Rossum 30 years ago. Python has large-scale libraries that ease artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning. Python has been the backbone of some crucial application developments like- Instagram, Pinterest, Disqus, Uber, YouTube, Spotify and many more. It has also ranked number one in TIOBE and PYPL Indexes. Hence, it is most desirable to learn Python for better job opportunities.

2. Java

With more than 3 billion active devices, it has been used on desktop applications, mobile applications, web development, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and many others; Java is considered to be one of the most popular programming languages today. This stable language has been used by established companies like- NASA, Netflix, Spotify, LinkedIn, Uber, Amazon and many others

3. C/C++

Being the oldest of all, C has helped other languages like- Javascript and C# come into existence. C++ is the extended version of the C programming language and works effectively on gaming platforms, graphics and enterprise applications. TIOBE ranks C as the second most popular programming language after Python offering inbuilt functions and operators with enhanced speed and efficiency. Companies like GitHub, Telegram messenger, and Mastercard use C in their software development.

4. Go 

The next in the queue is the “Go” programming language developed by Google in 2007, used to create web pages and APIs. It is considered one of the best-paid technologies and the second most demanded backend programming language in today’s time. It is much like Python and is used to create Artificial Intelligence-based systems. This simple and easy-to-learn language supports automation processes. Players like- Google, BBC, Medium, and Uber are working on Go for their software requirements.

5. R

R is an arithmetical and graphical programming language widely used by statisticians and data diggers for analysing data. It is an object-oriented programming language supporting cross-platform operations and vast libraries for interactive graphics.

Organisations like Flipkart, Amazon, Google, and LinkedIn use R to meet their software requirements. Software development is the most popular career today. Digitalisation in every sector has uplifted the demand for software engineers with versatile knowledge of different programming languages. Develop your skills with us through our programmes of IT internship australia and be on the competitive edge of a fantastic future in software development.