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How To Stand Out In This Digital Graduate World

How To Stand Out In This Digital Graduate World


We live in a digital world where everyone is reliant on technology. People are drawn toward social networking, due to which businesses are shifting online. To grow your career in this social media-obsessed world requires more than a graduate certificate. Candidates can only stand out from the crowd in the job market through creative skills.

The internship for students in 2022 have advanced over time graduates need to buccal up to match the requirements of companies. Digitalization has enhanced internship opportunities by introducing new-job positions to meet the demands of this digital marketing industry. The fastest way towards success in today’s world is through mastering your content and technical and creative skills. 

The graduates are forced to get moulded according to technological modifications. Many business owners are searching for fresh talents who can deal with the trending creative needs of the industry. This blog will explain some critical, creative skills graduates need to master to succeed in this digital world. 

Her creative skills you need to master to stand out in this digital world:

Content Creation and Ideation:

Content creation has become one of the most leading skills recruiters are looking for in candidates. Content is a primary requirement to boost the overall engagement of any brand in the market. Creating appealing posts, blogs, brand marketing taglines, and engaging marketing articles requires good grammatical and vocabulary skills.

Enhancing your creative content creation skills is crucial to make your resume stand out. Taking up small copywriting and content writing courses is one of the best ways to grow your writing skills. Apart from that, try to tweak your social media captions and resume briefs to highlight your profile.

Search Engine Optimization Basics:

As an SEO intern at a company or organisation, you’ll work with the digital marketing team to improve the company’s website’s visibility and organic search results. Knowing today’s digital market, you must know the importance of SEO. 

Google Garage has fantastic SEO courses free for everyone. You can take that course to brush up on your knowledge. Every brand is trying to stand out on every online marketing and selling platform. SEO plays a crucial role in ranking at the top of google searches. As a graduating student in 2022, you must know SEO basics. With good knowledge of SEO you can get in any online internships related to ranking and seo management. 

Basic Photoshop skills and Video Editing:

Video editing is a creative skill easy to learn and enjoyable to practice. If you are a candidate planning to work in a digital workspace, knowing the basics of editing and tools for editing can help you along the way. Editing skills are essential in fields in media, such as journalism, advertising, and marketing. Social media content creation requires knowledge of such skills as editing. You can use tools like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom to understand video editing basics.

Although it is advantageous to describe your experience in your CV, have you ever considered creating a video CV? The advantage of video CVs over document format is that you can display artistic expression through your body language and tone of voice, and you can also display your portfolio.

Ways to boost your creativity as a graduate

Nobody is born creative to need to practice and adapt the skill with time. Stepping out of the bookish knowledge and exploring new content is very important. Even while watching a movie noticing the storylines, lightning, and small details is an example of adapting creativity through observing. 

To boost your creative skills, the basic things you can do anytime are paying attention to the advertisement content you see on social media, reading books, learning camera tools and features on your mobile, and experimenting with video editing. These small activities can help you grow your creative ideation techniques. 


Creativity and digital ability go hand in hand. To stand out in the market and get into the most desired internship program, growing yourself creatively matters. Understanding new tools and technologies will allow you to become more creative and knowledgeable. Being creative is a technique to keep you ahead in life. Practising and learning new skills keeps you interested in you field and helps you career development. Growing with time is the fastest way to become the leader in your Australia internship program. So start learning now! Stay tuned with us for more internship and recruitment-related blogs.

Social Media Community Management An Emerging Internship Opportunity

Social Media Community Management An Emerging Internship Opportunity


After a massive rise in the demand for social media marketing, recruiters are now looking for students/ interns who can manage social media communities for better engagement. As social media is one of the fastest ways of marketing, businesses are switching online. With brand marketing comes brand management; therefore, companies require social media community managers to manage online communities.

The most active way of community management is tracking the trends on social media and finding data that can help your organisation to grow. A community management internship program in Australia also requires skills like understanding social media tools, managing multiple projects, running campaigns, creating analysis reports, etc. 

If you are interested in digital marketing-related internship opportunities, read the blog further. This blog will take you through this emerging social media community management internship opportunity and how it works.

What is Social Media Community management?

Social media community management is the next stage of a social media marketing campaign. After running ads and campaigns, you need someone to manage social media interactions, maintain an audience, respond to comments and connect with consumers. A social media community manager is in charge of managing the social media community. 

Roles and responsibilities of internship:

Monitoring :

One of the critical responsibilities of a social media community manager is to analyse and monitor the brand image online. They are responsible for maintaining online visibility of brand tracking in the comments section. Reverting customer complaints is also a task that comes under online image monitoring. Online software or applications notify brands if their business is discussed online. Here are some examples: Google alerts, Social mentions, Flipboard, and many more. Millions of brands with an online reach mostly use such tools to track customer interactions. We can typically track the comments and reverts through internal platform features like Instagram insights. 

Engagement :

Managing engagements is vital in community management, as how you speak to your customer represents your brand. To maintain a healthy online community, you must check and reply to customer feedback. During an internship, you will be expected to check customer responses on Instagram stories and polls. Engagement growth plans and ideation plans are some of the critical tasks of social media engagement managers.


After running campaigns, motivating users to mention your brand through social media hashtags, and tagging your pages in posts, some might talk good or bad about your brand. Community managers check social media public mentions for the brand and filter the content accordingly. Every social media community intern is expected to review such posts and find preventive measures for people who bad-mouth your brand. You can also apply for an online internship 2022 program in social media management for small businesses.

Similar roles to social media community management:

Don’t get demotivated if you aren’t selected for social media community management. You can still apply for other similar jobs mentioned below:

  • Online Gaming Community Manager- In this role, you have to manage gaming communities and respond to players, feedback and comments. You have to organise live streams and run gamers’ social media accounts.
  • Nonprofit Community Manager- This profile focuses on managing communities for nonprofit organisations or specific projects by promoting charity occasions on social media platforms, creating posts for community outreach, interacting with members, and supporting other nonprofit communities.
  • E-commerce Community Manager- Some people run businesses online on social media platforms, build awareness through social media promotions, and create campaign strategies to increase customer engagement on the website.

Digital marketing has become the fastest growing field to reach a maximum number of audiences within seconds. The market has increased the need for talented social media community managers, videographers, and graphic designers. You can start your social media community management career with the best internship for Graduates in companies or organisations that require social media management support.

Stay tuned with us for more information about internship programs.

Top management tips to boost your performance during an internship

Top management tips to boost your performance during an internship


Businesses succeed through effective teams and productive employees. But the factors that affect an employee’s performance today have become more complex than ever. A candidate’s performance can be amplified if he works on his management skills. 

Management is an essential skill in today’s fast-growing and contemporary world. Often people get the desired opportunities but fail as they lack the necessary skills to make it through the journey. Internships play an integral part in building a successful career today.

Internship programs for students are all about absorbing knowledge, gaining experience and making contacts that ultimately help you enhance your career and decide on the right career path. They are the place where a candidate must give his or her fullest to make the most out of it and boost one’s performance. But how do you make the best use of an internship by managing your time and skills? 

At ECA, we can suggest a few management agendas that can help you in boosting your performance during an internship. They are-

1. Set clear goals: 

When you join any internship program, be very clear on the learning part, i.e. why you are a part of this undertaking and what goals you wish to achieve by the end of the internship period. Once you set proper goals for yourself, you will align all your energies into achieving those goals and hence, a boost in your productivity happens. 

2. Always follow through:

Whenever a task is assigned, ensure you never fail to follow up on it. This helps build better communications at work and transparent things between you and your superior. This work transparency benefits the superior from analysing your workplace personality and ability. 

3. Learn from your mistakes:

During an internship program, you may make mistakes, which is a natural behaviour. Real learning begins when the mistakes made earlier are not made again by you. Therefore, learning from your mistakes and not repeating the same errors again impacts your productivity levels in a positive manner. 

4. Create a network:

Starting a conversation with new people is not a straightforward chord to strike. Internships are a valuable opportunity to build networks. Networking at the workplace is a crucial aspect of a successful career. This helps in workplace positivity and relationship building which leads to performance enhancement. 

5. Look for a mentor:

You must identify a mentor who cares about your work and puts his best in grooming you as a professional who makes a notable difference in your career. The knowledge and experience you can gain from a trustworthy and good mentor can impact your productivity magnificently. 

6. Collaborate with your team:

When you onboard an organisation, you must always consider working in a team. The alignment of your goals with your team; will impact your productivity most positively.

7. Track your performance:

Keep track of your performance and ponder upon the areas of your work that need improvement. This shall help you focus on things that can improve your work performance. Whether a weekly or daily performance tracking, both can help in accessing your internship staging and help you in finding ways of performing better. 

8. A positive mindset is a must:

Working with a positive mind impacts your performance enormously. A positive thought is a productive thought and so, when you join any organisation, make sure you work with positivity for enhanced outputs on the job.

Managing is an art that eventually leads to success, and performance enhancement must include the above factors. Get in touch with ECA to have more insights on the evolving internship program 2022 and ace your game of internship. Connect with us now!

Differences between careers of a Business Analyst and Data Analyst

Differences between careers of a Business Analyst and Data Analyst


Students all over the globe are stuck with the dilemma of which path to take for their professional careers. Due to this, the search for the best internship program for students has been high as ever. Today we’ll discuss and compare two of the most renowned profiles – business analyst and data analyst to ease the burden. So, stay hooked until the end, as this much-needed information will help you understand the difference between the two roles and select the best analyst internship

Data analysts and business analysts operate with data to enhance the organisation’s decision-making process. Both of these roles are typically covered and well-compensated. Data analysts and business analysts are often used interchangeably for their unique expertise. It makes understanding the distinction between the two career choices extremely significant. Hence, let us take a glance at what these positions entail and give you more clarity on the best internship program for students.

The business analyst analyzes multiple kinds of information for making data-driven decisions for the organisation. They often use the insights gained from the data analyst to determine concerns and find solutions. On the contrary, the data analyst examines datasets to uncover insights and trends that are subsequently utilised for making informed organisational decisions. To give you even more clarity about the best internship program in Australia for students, let us look at the roles of each position separately. 

Role of A Business Analyst

The primary skills required to work as a business analyst are critical thinking, communication, process enhancement, and problem-solving. Entry-level business analyst positions generally require a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field of study. The requirement for professionals with expert data skillsets is massive.

Role Of A Data Analyst

A Data Analyst is responsible for assembling, cleaning, examining, visualising, and presenting the existing data to the organisational leaders for making better and more informed decisions. To be an influential data analyst, the individual must possess the technical skills needed for mining and analysing the data. 

Business Analyst vs Data Analyst

As you might have understood by now, business analysts and data analysts use data to a vast extent. The primary disparity lies with what they do with the data. A business analyst works with the data to make better decisions for the business. On the flip side, a data analyst examines the data for the company to evaluate and make decisions on its own. Unsurprisingly, the role of business analyst and data analyst are two of the most famous options among the best internship programs for students. 

The skills needed by a data analyst – data analysis, statistics, knowledge of data structures, SQL and statistical programming

The skills needed by a business analyst – require analysis, prototyping, knowledge of business structures, Microsoft Visio, and software design tools. 

How to choose a career between a data analyst and a business analyst?

If you are confused about which choice to pick among the best internship programs for students available in today’s time, you are not alone. To select either of data analyst or business analyst as your career choice, you need to take the following two factors into account:

Your background

The business analyst typically has an undergraduate degree in a business-focused major. They majorly use data to make business more efficient; they know multiple programming languages. While data analyst usually comes from STEM majors and has a more extensive background in science, maths, databases, and predictive analytics. 

Your interest

You need to determine whether you are someone who obsesses over statistics and numbers, or are you one who is more of a problem-solving individual? Data analysts are generally numbers-driven individuals who have expertise in programming and statistics. Business analysts are more interested in finding methods to solve issues. 

The demand for business analysts and data analysts is enormous. Considering the stated facts, you can easily understand the difference between a data analyst and a business analyst. Consequently, you will be able to choose which amongst both is the best internship program for students concerning your skillset and aspirations. Connect with ECA and discover for yourself to grasp some of the best business & data analyst internship programs 2022.

Professional appearance tips for interns in the workplace

Professional appearance tips for interns in the workplace


An internship serves as a transitional step into an entry-level position. Students can obtain professional skills, network-building abilities, and other experiences that will help them in the workplace by working as interns. Not only during interviews, but it’s also crucial to maintain a professional image throughout your career. Your professional appearance in an internship program 2022 conveys how seriously you take your work and how your coworkers see you in this setting. 

Contrary to what you may believe, how you conduct yourself throughout your internship says a lot about you. From a corporate office to a manufacturing site, professionalism in the workplace is an essential quality for any organisation. Performing the task is one thing, but adhering to the proper workplace appearance is a separate task you must keep track of. What are the best ways to develop this quality? How to keep up with the workplace appearance professionally in any internship so that you can uphold the standards of your organisation? All your questions will be answered in this blog. 

Let’s get started! 

Why Is Professional Appearance Important?

The way you dress for work affects how people perceive your professionalism. You demonstrate respect for your business and work when you take pride in your workplace appearance. If you present a professional and well-groomed image when you attend meetings and other work-related activities, potential and current clients may be more inclined to chat with you. 

Tips To Maintain A Professional Workplace Appearance

1. Greet Everyone You Meet

Excellent communication skills and a positive outlook are necessary for productive professional networks. Make sure you take the effort to greet everyone you encounter, from a colleague to the CEO, and display a pleasant and welcoming attitude. Other aspects of your attire that will make you stand out include smiling and eye contact. It will give others the idea that you genuinely care about what they have to say, improving their opinion of you.

2. Understand Company’s Culture

The “professional wear” criteria might vary since different corporate situations lend themselves to various dress codes. For instance, a construction site has a significantly different dress code than an accounting business. The secret to addressing the significance of professional looks is to observe how well-established, recognised peers dress. Avoid wearing anything too tight, exposing, dirty, or torn. In case you are unsure, consult your supervisor.

3. Look Put Together

Grooming is just as crucial to presenting yourself professionally as your choice of attire. This entails utilising personal hygiene products, routinely washing and styling your hair, maintaining clean, well-kept nails, and, for males, shaving every day. Women should use cosmetics and perfume sparingly. You can be requested to hide tattoos or take out piercings as part of your dress code, depending on the nature of your business.

4. Avoid Flashy Clothes

Both males and females should avoid highly bright colours. When used improperly, it may be annoying and unprofessional. You could grasp how to dress elegantly and professionally by understanding your sector and considering what is appropriate in your work environment. Another technique is identifying the hues that best fit your skin tone. If you believe this to be too difficult, just be prudent and stick with neutral hues.

5. Communicate Effectively

An essential component of workplace appearance is communication. Think carefully about how you interact with your coworkers in business internships and one-on-one talks since sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it that counts. Ensure your email contact, inside and outside of the business, is written correctly and without typos. Never put anything on paper that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face since email records every interaction forever.

Wrapping Up

It’s typical for new interns to have some anxiety even during the best internship programs. Don’t allow that to prevent you from believing in yourself, concentrating on the positive, and putting your best foot forward. Keep in mind that your new coworkers have been in your position. The majority of them will give you at least some leeway.

Avoid drowning in the weight of your expectations to do yourself a favour. Accept the new business culture, learn it, and be nice. Maintain your growth, and you’ll quickly become an essential member of your new company.