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Top universities to hire your next IT intern 

Top universities to hire your next IT intern 


Demand in the field of data analytics, cyber security, cloud native architecture, blockchain and IT has been on a rise since the last few years. While the demand has been robust most universities have not upgraded their curriculum to equip their IT and software engineering students with skills essential to fill up these positions. 

More often than not we see self-driven students taking up certification courses to upskill and improve their chances of recruitment. However, for most companies, finding the right talent with the desired skill set still remains a challenge. Hence, at ECA Internships we suggest our partners to hire multiple student interns for these positions before making a decision on a full-time recruit. Here is a list of university programs that are doing a job of teaching relevant skills to students and preparing them to be job ready. 

The University of Melbourne 

They are ranked No. 1 in Australia for Computer Science and Statistics – they have a master’s program in data science. The master’s program has both a 2 year full-time and a 4 year part time option. Another feature of this course is that students complete and present a detailed capstone project – where they get to apply data science tools to a real-world project to showcase their skills. 

data science internship university of melobourne

University of Melobourne

Monash University

MS in Data Science is a two-year full-time program at Monash. The core coursework covers data science objectives, data analysis, data pre-processing and visualisation. Students then have the option to choose electives to sharpen their skills in machine learning, learning from semi-structured data like text, and big data handling. The course also focuses on Python and R (two of the most popular open-source programming languages for data analysis), Hadoop and Spark (for distributed processing). Recruiting interns from the program can help you access the student before you hire full-time. 

Monash University Data science internship

Monash University

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La Trobe University

The master’s of Data Science program at La Trobe has a few unique features. Besides focusing on core data science subjects, the students here can choose advanced subjects such as big data high-performance programming, computational intelligence for analytics, cloud systems development, analysis of repeated measures data, meta-analysis, and bioinformatics technologies. As a recruiter you can cherry pick students for an internship based on the electives they are pursuing. 

La Trobe University data science internship

La Trobe University


Master of Blockchain Enabled Business is offered as a full-time and part-time program at RMIT. The unique program equips students with skills to manage blockchain in public and private enterprises, through a multi-disciplinary curriculum that brings together in-depth theoretical and practical learning. Students learn about blockchain and the economy, cryptofinance and fintech, building and using smart contracts, blockchain for trade, and the legal, ethical, accounting and regulatory aspects of new technologies while pursuing the course. Students enrolled in this course can be great interns or hires for companies exploring blockchain and its implications in their industry.

RMIT Blockchain internship


Deakin University

Deakin has several options for students to choose from in the field of cybersecurity. From undergraduate programs to specialised masters. Completing an internship is mandatory for students pursuing these programs. If your cybersecurity team is growing – a structured internship program can assist them in hiring the right talent. 

Deakin University Cybersecurity internship

Deakin University

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The University of Canberra

A Specialist Major in Cybersecurity and System Administration is available for students pursuing a degree in IT & Computer Science from the university. The major provides an opportunity for the students to gain specialist technical knowledge and practical skills in understanding the security threats and challenges associated with digital transformation and IT enabled solutions. It will allow proficiency in identifying, diagnosing, analysing and handling the challenges associated with computer crime, sound understanding of concepts associated with digital forensics, and expert skills in evaluating software for security vulnerabilities, performing risk assessments, designing and securing operating systems, networks, websites and databases, and responding to cyber security incidents. Recruiting interns who have opted for this major can be a great way to access them and see if they are a good fit. 

The University of Canberra Cybersecurity internship

The University of Canberra

IT Masters and Charles Sturt University

IT Masters is an industry-based education company partnered with Charles Sturt University to develop a unique series of online IT postgraduate degrees ranging from cyber security to IT management to digital marketing. The Graduate Certificate in Computing (Career Transition) is designed to retrain and upskill working professionals who are looking for significant career growth in the IT industry. The course is designed to develop specialised technical, communication and critical thinking skills alongside certified industry mentors. The courses are a 50/50 partnership between CSU’s excellent academic lecturers and IT Masters’ high-profile industry experts. Many of the subjects prepare students to sit the world’s most in-demand cyber security industry certifications (e.g. CISSP, CEH, Security+), giving you an intern well on their way to becoming an expert in their field.

IT Masters and Charles Sturt University cybersecurity internship

IT Masters and Charles Sturt University

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How to bag a Data science Internship?

How to bag a Data science Internship?


An internship in data science can be a start to a very fruitful career. The demand for quality data scientist is on rise as more and more businesses begin harnessing the power of data in their decision making process. Before we get into the details let us start from the basics:

What is Data Science?

Modern Data science emerged in tech, with optimizing Google search ranking and LinkedIn recommendations to influencing headlines Buzzfeed editors run. But it is all set to influence and transform all sectors – whether it’s retail, telecommunication, agriculture, health or trucking. Yet many of us don’t really understand the meaning of ‘data science’ and ‘data scientist’

It’s true that data science is a wide field and depending on who you talk to you can get a different definition. They describe a wide range of work, including the massive online experimental frameworks for product development at, the methods Buzzfeed uses to implement a multi-armed bandit solution for headline optimization, and the impact machine learning has on business decisions at Airbnb. Data science can be used in a number of different ways, depending not just on the industry but on the business and its goals.

Not to confuse you any further, here is the breakdown – First, data scientists lay a solid data foundation in order to perform robust analytics. Then they use online experiments, among other methods, to achieve sustainable growth. Finally, they build machine learning pipelines and personalized data products to better understand their business and customers and to make better decisions. In other words, data science is about infrastructure, testing, machine learning for decision making, and data products.

 What does a Data Science Intern do?

Most data science interns will be recruited by a company that have one or more senior data scientists. The inters responsibility can vary and you may get exposure of all or any one specific function of a data scientists’ responsibility. Ie. You may be responsible for helping the team set-up the infrastructure so they can capture all relevant data to run future experiments or you could be given responsibility to build an architecture to utilize data to answer a specific question the business has. Either ways most data science interns work with or under the guidance of senior data scientists – as each company has its own tools and methods. One thing is for sure regardless of your responsibility when you see a seamless architecture in place that solves problems by taking unstructured data as input is sure to get you excited and long for more.

How do I prepare for an internship in data science?

There are several steps that you can take to prepare yourself for the role – from taking online tutorials – free ones are good enough to grasp basic concepts and then there are programs like 21k Skills + Galavnize Data Science Bootcamps. However, here are a few steps recommended by Tawsif Hossain, a Computer Science & Machine Learning graduate from Northeastern University.

  1. Learn some Python.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Linux environment.
  3. Learn SQL (the Structured Query Language) and how relational databases are structured. Popular DBs include MySQL/Postgres. Most of the world’s largest sites/apps use some kind of a database.
  4. Makes sure your stats background is rock solid.
  5. Play with some open-data, build some models and visualize some insights. Throw all of that onto a blog along with a nice write-up.

How do I prepare for a data science interview?

Remember that your basics need to be in place. We have many articles about nailing your interview and do’s and don’ts. So, for the purpose of this article, we will assume you have gone through them. Now, as mentioned earlier your role and responsibility as a data science intern will change depending on the sector you apply for but generally speaking companies look for individuals who are good in math and have some programming skills. The questions can vary from the field of statistics to machine learning to programming.

Ideally, we recommend having a talking point on your resume. That will surely limit the questions and tilt the scale in your favour. Write about a project where you used your skills and a platform like Github or something to solve a complex problem. You can find real world data set in the field of your interest and then work towards building and documenting the model.

Here is a great article by Kacper Kubara that we recommend for further reading.

Now that you are all set it’s time to apply for data science internships! At ECA we have helped over 7500 students get placed in 500+ companies. You can be our next! As you know, it all starts with capturing the right data – so fill the form below and we’ll connect you with a Data Science opportunity that is right for you.