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How Interns Bring Value To Companies In The Age Of Digital Transformation

How Interns Bring Value To Companies In The Age Of Digital Transformation

Differing from the long-aged traditional belief of being called as fillers for extra load or just performing the tasks that nobody else is willing to undertake, Interns and Internships today fetch greater good to the company. The responsibilities of an intern have evolved substantially with time. Today, you will find interns working neck-to-neck with the other permanent employees of the organisation, helping in crucial decisions and engaging themselves closely with the company’s ongoing projects.

What is an Intern?

An intern is a trainee or probationer who onboards a company for a short period to gain work experience and practically know what a professional environment truly is. The timeframe for which these interns work for a particular organisation is called the internship period, and it may range from a handful of weeks up to two years. 

The notion of interns doing junky jobs in the organisation is an old story now. Today, interns are the mark of merits for any organisation. They bring massive value to their host institution. This shift can be seen majorly in the past few years and the best internship programs in Australia transform you for a perfect Digi-business world.  

The Era Of Digital Transformation:

Digital transformation is the fusion of computer-based mechanisms into an organisation’s planning, products, processes and strategies. In the present age, many companies are undertaking digital shifts in their approaches to engage better and serve their human resources and customers a cut above the edge.

Being flexible, adaptable and a tech-geek are some of the vital skills that are a pressing priority today. In business terms, undergoing digital change refers to connecting businesses, people, and technology that focuses on bringing better performance, better products, and even better results. For undergoing a shift from the old school methods to the new normal, i.e. growing powerfully within the digital world, the most basic requirement from organisations is to become comfortable with the latest technology. 

Value Brought by Interns to the Companies in the Digital Age:

Today, analytical tools, automation, talent acquisition and continuous sink with technological changes are the key to successful digital transformation of businesses. The generation of students today and the ones following them are already habitual with using technology fearlessly. The Australian internship program 2022 provides the perfect platform to supplement your existing skills and make you tech-ready for a new era of the business world.

An intern brings  fresh and innovative inputs to the traditional ones. Onboarding interns  in the digital era is a win-win for both interns and the organisation. At some point in time, the existing staff may hesitate to take charge of the new change, but interns, on the contrary, can be the ambassador for change. They will be more confident in adapting to the organisation’s new digital processes and tools. 

Once an organisation steps into the digital changes, they need to consider bringing new talent on board. Having a successful internship programme is a phenomenal way to build a pool of talented candidates for future endeavours. An Intern can back the perks of the Digi-world in many ways, for instance- a time-saver, efficient, accurate and less likely to have human errors. 

After imbibing so much on how internships bring fortune to the new digital transformation era of businesses, we can undoubtedly say that the internship period will serve as a perfect shot for employers and interns to be at the upper edge of the corporate world. But have you mastered the tech-savviness required in organisations today?If you are just on the brink of enhancing your knowledge in digital skills and applying them in a professional setup, enrol yourself in ECA’s tech-friendly internship programs for students and grasp the best internship opportunities in your dream companies.

Which Is Better: A Degree Or A CISCO Certification

Which Is Better: A Degree Or A CISCO Certification

A degree or a certification? There has been an age-old debate about a better option for an IT professional. This question has never got a simple answer because there are no right or wrong answers. The significant differences in both paths make them equally important and equally distinctive. The internship program 2022 offers some great insight for students to understand and explore both options. 

To get through it simply, the answer to this complex question depends on where you are in your career and your career goals. This blog will touch upon some crucial considerations to decide whether to go for a degree course, have a Cisco certification, or both for a better IT / Networking career.

Cost And Time-

One of the major concerns is the factor of time and money. In today’s technologically evolving world, nobody wants their resources getting wasted. Earning a degree comes at a higher cost and a longer devotion of time as compared with a certification course. Cisco certification courses on Networking are obtained with less financial backup within a short period. What to choose? To help with the decision, analyse the stage of your career. 

If you have just completed your school and have a keen interest in computer science and computer network, then going for a conceptual degree course would help in formation of a strong base. Spending time on a degree course if you already have the required skills may not be a fair deal. Going for a certificate course to get expertise over existing skills may fetch you better. CISCO offers some of the best certifications across the globe to enhance your networking skills.  

Employment Opportunities-

Degree courses on a resume are a theoretical compulsion, and it counts for the basic knowledge required for eligibility for a particular job role. At the same time, Cisco certifications add value to your basic degree knowledge. Owing to CISCO’s popularity and quality of learning through their certification programmes, the resume having these extra qualifications makes your resume stand out among the crowd and prefer the others. 

Advancing Your Career-

Through your previous qualifications, attaining the desired IT job can be satisfying. Gaining on-the-job experience is crucial, but walking hand-in-hand with resume enhancement using certifications can help you advance your career rather than make your professional journey immobile. Continuous learning is the key to growth. Where a degree helps make your base strong, certifications help in the advancement and updation of your existing skills and knowledge.

So which one is better?

As seen from the unique benefits and importance of both degree courses and CISCO certifications, the answer to this question cannot be simple. Both qualifications exist simultaneously with each other. To put it simply, the combination of both on a CV would help fetch the best results. However, if you are stuck in deciding on which path to take, consider the following-

  • The experience you already have
  • Which areas in networking most interest you
  • What kind of jobs you would like to apply
  • What stage of career you are currently in

If you aspire and aim to begin an IT career, get in touch with the best Australia internship program, which can help you explore the dimensions and importance of degree courses and certification programmes. If you want to build a base for your career, it is better to invest your time and money in a degree course, but if you are at a stage where you need updating and advancement, you can always go for the CISCO certification programmes.

What Do Companies Look For In An Account Intern?

What Do Companies Look For In An Account Intern?

Landing a high-flying profession in the accounting domain requires more than just theoretical knowledge from your university. There are far more graduates applying for accounting internships than available positions. It is imperative to mention that you must stand out from the rest to be hired by a reputed organisation.

Whether you are pursuing a degree in accounting or wishing to switch your career, you can explore your skills and interests with the help of internships. 

Many internship programs allow you to gain an abundance of experience. Internships are now the talk of the town because they make you a professional person and lay a solid foundation for a successful career. Let’s discuss the essential skills for an accounting internship.

Attention To Detail

If you are the one to work with numbers and utilise your potential to the core, accounting is the best profession. The critical skill for this profession is to be detail-oriented, where your dedication will never be overlooked. 

Roles and responsibilities of daily tasks are designed to function smoothly and effectively. As an intern, your work will be required to check twice. You need to calculate each penny in decimals for precise data. Also, you will be assigned to record and examine financial information. 

Timeliness And Reliability

Companies look for the top skills in candidates for commencing accounting internships, including-

  • Attention to Details
  • Productivity
  • Task Follow-Ups 
  • Team Engagements

In the accounting industry, the End of the Financial Year and Tax season play the role of essential deadlines, and therefore interns need to value others’ time and work smarter. 

Logical Thinking And Problem-Solving Ability

If you are the one who loves to 

  • Solve puzzles
  • Strategy games with extraordinary speed
  • Finding solutions to financial problems

Then you will be the perfect fit for the company. As an accountant, you will be responsible for solving clients’ financial situations by utilising your logical thinking skills. Companies lookout for these skills, and as an intern, you need to hone them practically during an accounting internship to make an impactful career in your life. 


Why are companies looking for communication skills in the intern? A good accountant should be people-oriented, discuss financial matters with clients without reluctance, and improve their short-term thinking. Communication is the skill where you don’t just speak but also listen. Enhance your listening skills to solutions to clients’ problems resulting in reaching their financial goals.


Accountancy requires a solid understanding of mathematical competency to finish daily tasks or projects. An individual should be interested in analysing statistics and knowing technical tricks to work with excel spreadsheets.

Being Ethical 

The ability of fairness and impartiality is an essential characteristic of the accounting industry. Accountants work with confidential information incorporating bank account numbers and employees’ salaries to deal with tax, financial, and property law. 

They should follow ethics and should not pass on crucial information. Companies do not want unprofessional behaviour like disseminating clients’ confidential information or doing work inappropriately. 


So yes, these were the vital traits searched by the companies in the student and the interns who want to grab an excellent opportunity to undergo numerous internship programs. 

Many programs like the Education Centre of Australia (ECA) Internships will guide you to exert your theoretical knowledge in a practical field and give you the experience of working in a professional environment.

What Set Of Skills An Employer Seeks In An Intern

What Set Of Skills An Employer Seeks In An Intern

Business internships are short-term work exposures offered by organisations for people-  mostly students, to understand how work-life functions. Internships involve:

  • Working on projects relevant to their field.
  • Understanding the work environment.
  • Developing both hard and soft skills.

Today, internships have become more common, and employers expect them to be a part of every resume. Applicants with previous work experience are always preferred over freshers. Employers use internships as the talent channels to fill full-time positions in the long run which involves-

  • A long interview
  • A training program
  • Smart hiring
  • Entry-level job role exposures
  • Development of skills
  • Build industry connections

Internships can vary in different time frames. Generally 3 weeks to 12 weeks which is important to note 

Skills An Employer Seeks In An Intern:

When an employer decides to source an intern for internship programs, it isn’t just the post-learning and development. Employers  expect candidates to possess a specific skill set when they get on board. Candidates tend to have a mindset of learning things on the job, but working on certain personality development traits can help them have an upper hand over other candidates. Employers always seek interns who have the qualities and characteristics to succeed in a role at the company.

Let’s  review the must-have skills that provide weightage to your candidature for a role in a company:

  • Communication skills

Communication is a broad term, and speaking about the corporate world, an employer is keen to understand your ability to write and speak professionally. The written skills are tested through the resume and written tasks or question answers. At the same time, the verbal skills are pushed through the Q/A round of Interviews and group discussions.

  • Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are referred to as “people skills,” wherein a person’s ability to communicate and interact with fellow employees, clients, vendors, etc., are checked upon. Hence, having practical communication skills are crucial so that employers can assess whether you can identify the wants and needs of the company or not.

  • Time management

Organising your time by your work and producing time-effective results is a compulsion in the corporate world. Any employer would pick a candidate who can prioritise  work according to timelines.

  • Critical thinking

Having a critical aspect over things helps understand the tricky loops of a project or work. Being able to analyse and evaluate a situation or issue and form a judgement is a skill and employers look forward to people having a critical mindset.

  • Positive to Criticism

Work-life is very different from what a person undergoes every day. Some days may be inspiring and full of learning; whereas, sometimes your output may not please your employer or can not be at satisfactory levels. You might get criticised at times, but keeping calm and taking feedback positively will help your journey in being full of learning.

  • Adaptability

Even if it’s the most basic level or at a high position, employees and interns are expected to fulfil different roles and duties in the company. Today’s work culture is dynamic and demands more of a multi-tasker for better results.The above are the most commonly identified skills that an employer seeks when he onboards a candidate for internship programs in Australia. These skills are crucial when you enter an organisation and further helps in grooming your personality for future professional growth.

Careers In Cybersecurity: Becoming A Guardian Of The Digital World

Careers In Cybersecurity: Becoming A Guardian Of The Digital World

Since the dawn of digitalisation, cyberspace has played a crucial role and is getting even more prominent. Today, thousands of people are opting for a cybersecurity career and taking computer science degrees. With the level of competition that prevails today, conceptual knowledge is incomplete without practical implications and here comes the role of internships program.

Cyber crimes have risen meteorically in recent times, and organisations tackling and resolving these crime scenes have expanded their scope of work. Graduates in computers provide an exclusive opportunity to experience what it is to work as a digital guardian and hone the skills required to succeed in this field. Cyber security in Australia is a great career to step in, as there is a high demand for technically skilled professionals.  

At an individual level, a cyber attack can lead to identity theft, extortion attempts, and loss of personal data, for example, photographs, documents, etc. It can be fraud, data breach, corporate theft, etc. From power plants to police stations, schools to factories, almost every critical structure is subject to digital security. 

Let us have a look at the various career opportunities in Cyber Security:

  • Cybersecurity generalist: A person who has overall knowledge of all different categories in cyber security. He is commonly the jack of all trades, usually functioning in small-sized organisations.
  • Network Security Engineer: These cyber personnel work to manage the network security for their organisations. They function primarily in more prominent organisations, ranging from managing firewalls, routers, VPNs, etc.
  • Cloud Security Engineer: This involves providing cloud-based security services for organisations.
  • Application Security Specialist: Their function pertains to protecting applications from any external or internal threats like viruses using a combination of hardware and software skills.
  • Security Architect: These people work for designing, building and managing the fulfilment of network and computer security for a company.
  • Malware/ Forensics Analyst: They are experts in detecting and resolving viruses. 
  • Cryptographers: They are responsible for encrypting sensitive information to ensure privacy and protection of important information. Encryption is nothing but converting pointers into codes to maintain the secrecy and security of the data.
  • Cyber Security Engineers: They design, develop and implement network solutions to defend against cyber attacks.

There are various industries that provide cyber security internships for graduates. Let us see what these industries are:

  • Banking Sector: This sector is constantly exposed to cyber-attacks and frauds as it works in a highly regulatory environment. Cyber security is crucial in protecting the banks and helping in developing the economy.
  • Cybersecurity Lawyers: Nowadays, cybersecurity has become so crucial that specific laws have been framed to set a legal barrier toward cyber crimes. People looking for careers in cyber protection can specialise in information security to handle liability resulting from breaches. 
  • Utilities: Every utility of the country involves a clear and crisp cyber network to work in harmony with each other. Utilities can be water, electricity, etc.  

Benefits Of Interning In Cyber Security

  • Connect what you’re learning in the classroom

Theoretical knowledge is not complete if you cannot apply the knowledge in the practical world. Internships act as the bridge between theory and practice. 

  • Build a professional network

It applies to building a network with working professionals in cyber security. This network will help in the professional growth of a candidate. 

  • Being In A Corporate Setting

Working as a cyber security intern will expose how the cyber world works. It will help you gain professional knowledge of the field.As a profitable and growing field, the need for skilled cybersecurity professionals is expected to grow with each passing day. Start your journey by enrolling in IT internship australia and acquiring professional knowledge for a flourishing career.