How to master the skills of networking during an internship  

For many candidates, an internship is the first step in the real corporate world, providing fundamentals of on-the-job training and work experience. Many things go into having a wholesome and complete internship in all aspects. Many comprehensive internship programs for students offer a candidate’s overall development through the course structuring.

One such factor that significantly impacts an internship is the art of networking. 

Networking is considered the most critical skill that benefits one throughout his/her professional life. It doesn’t matter at which stage of your career you are; having a good network is something that will always benefit you. The contacts and relationships developed during an internship can help a student find good job opportunities once he/she completes  studies.

Where it is possible that you can get an internship opportunity off a blind application, investing your time and energy in making connections and putting yourself at the forefront of decision-makers can also help in increasing your chances of having many opportunities. 

Let us see how you can master the art of networking in an internship.

  • Start with research

Before reaching out to everyone and anyone you could think of, sit back and complete your homework, i.e., think about your goals and identify what you want from your network. This way, you can be sure that you have invested your time and efforts in the right direction.

  • Tap into your existing contacts

Before reaching out to new people, you must tap into your existing circle. Start by thinking of your immediate persona, professional or educational networks. Try looking for experienced people in the professional space you are thinking of pursuing your career. Approach them for better internship opportunities

  • Be friendly and engage with people.

After looking for good opportunities in your existing circle, it’s time for you to try out the options outside. Supposedly, you have a business internship opportunity, and you aim to build a network that will benefit you in the future. Try engaging with other people in the company. Have healthy conversations and be friendly with them. It will help you form connections at work.

  • Find their passion point.

The only way to start connecting is to find out what interests your colleagues, their likings and dislikings, their hobbies, and so on. It would help you bond with other people at work better and be an impacting point for them also to connect with you.

  • Appreciate their work

Another factor in mastering your networking skills is learning how your co-employees work. Look up to them to gain experience and compliment them for the part of their job you are impressed about. Not everyone shows, but people do like to be applauded. Appreciating others could also help you build connections during your internship.

  • Strike up conversations

As an intern, taking the initiative and trying to build connections falls on your plate. And the duty does not limit to only initiating conversations; you must maintain the conversations for a lasting bond that benefits you in the future. Conversations should be professional and healthy. Additionally, give your input in the conversation so that the others don’t think you are only a pretty face. You must behave smartly for better self-branding at work.

  • Hang out off the field

Try to socialise outside the office as well. Socialising would help you work better at the workplace and build a comfortable zone with your colleagues. For doing so, maybe organising a group event for all employees or some group activity or a movie plan would help solve the purpose better. These moments will help maintain regard for each other, even at pain points of work.

  • Keep in touch

The most crucial part of networking is maintaining the connection by keeping in touch. Remembering people only in their time of need isn’t a healthy way. It may create a negative image in the mind of the people with whom you are connected. On the other hand, being very frequent in conversation goes negatively as well. A quick and brief message or email with a relevant article attached would help maintain the decency of the conversation.

ECA has some of the best internship programs 2022 that connect you with great organisations to build a lasting network that benefits you in the future. So, consider the above factors and ace your networking throughout qualitative internship programmes.