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Employability Advantage

Identify your skillset, find that missing piece, Upskill, we’re here to help you see the Bigger picture.

Partnering with the Best

To help you see the bigger picture

Where there’s a problem

Wondering if your skills match your industry?

There’s a solution

Employability Advantage helps you identify your strengths, diagnose your weaknesses, build experience & Upskill.

Where there’s a question

Is my resume up to scratch?
Am I prepared for this interview?

There’s an answer

Use the tools developed by professionals to get your foot in the door Gain the skills, certification and practical experience to be best prepared for the job you want.

How we help
you do what
you want
to do


Take a diagnostic skills test based on your field of study. Get your results, know your skills gap.


Employers now demand candidates that have the right skills and certifications and not just a University Degree.

Gain access to curated learning paths, build skills, certifications and add value to your resume and profile.


It’s not just the stuff you know. Smart skills like negotiation, conflict resolution and emotional empathy can help you get work done and move up.

p.s (they can also help you negotiate your salary!)


Employers look for application of knowledge. This comes with practice, experience, participation and much more.

Interact with students from across the globe, while you work on a real-world project, mentored by an Australian host.


Building your resume to ensure key words fit in with the Job you’re after can be a real challenge.

Using the resume tool with A.I capabilities is a breeze helping you complete your resume in minutes.


Get over your interview fright. You can now get a simulated interview for over 120 job roles.

Review your interview. After all practice builds confidence.

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