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What’s in it for you?


Australia is thriving on cultural diversity and influence of talent from all over the world. The multicultural aspect makes it such a popular place to live, study and work.

Your business will be experiencing the effects of this trend and this is why you may consider an ECA Intern.

Fill up the form below and let us do the hard work of finding the right candidate for your business for you for FREE!

By choosing ECA Intern you are gaining high-quality multilingual graduates from Australian universities helping your business!

The Right Candidate For You!

We will do the hard work for you! Working with your specific job description we will only select candidates with suitable skill set for you to view & consider!

Quick & Easy Application Process

We will be in touch within 24 hours of your online application! You will be able to host interns as soon as 2 weeks from the day of enquiry! T & C’s apply!

Qualified Help

All of our Interns have completed their studies with an Australian university. Benefit from the locally gained knowledge and benefit from their up-to-date knowledge of the industry!

Flexible Hours

Choose schedule that works for your business. Interns usually work 3 days a week for 8 hours.

Discover a new talent

12 weeks of internship can give you a good idea about the skill-set, personality and commitment of the candidate. A perfect way to get to “try” a candidate, as a potential long-term fit for your business.

Skills and experience

Many of our candidates do have previous professional work experience from their home country and often more than one degree. What skills do you need in YOUR business?


All ECA Interns are insured by a comprehensive Voluntary Workers Insurance for the duration of the agreed Internship period. No risk for you!

We arrange insurance for peace of mind and will assist you in creating a formal Training Schedule. We also provide the student with regular feedback and support throughout their internship with your organisation. There are no prerequisites for host companies in terms of size or staff numbers. We visit each new potential host company to talk you through the process as well as offer guidance and support as to how to best manage the internship.

Why take on Interns? Guide the next generation of professionals

Did you know Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Jodie Foster, Steve Jobs & others started as Interns?

Yes, that’s right! One never knows how a sky intern can with your guidance and training become the next leader, or even revolutionise their professional field?

Training and personal development are important for every medium to large scale organisation. Why? Because the continuous support and training of the next generation ensure your business will thrive in the future.

Groom your interns into an efficient professional and imprint your company culture & values right into their subconscious. Fresh graduates can adapt easily to new company environment.



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