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Top 10 Accounting & Business Internships Opportunities – 2021 Edition

Top 10 Accounting & Business Internships Opportunities – 2021 Edition


At ECA Internships we work closely with over 500 host companies and have helped 7500+ students secure an internship with them. Currently we have over 87 open positions with our hosts in accounting, finance and business. In this article we will list down the top 10 positions that you can apply to if you meet the below eligibility criteria.

  • You are over 18 years of age
  • Must have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in your chosen field of study within the last 2 years OR pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Must be able to commit to a minimum of 2-3 days per week & 12 weeks period. (duration may vary between 10-12 weeks and can be confirmed by the employer)
  • You must have an Australian Citizenship/Permanent Residency OR a valid visa that allows you to work in Australia to be considered for this role

If you would like an ECA Internship Counsellor to help you select and get placed at out host company as an intern, fill the form. If you would like to directly apply for the below roles – continue reading.


Account Executive with a CPA Firm

Intern with our client – a well-established CPA accounting firm have been helping individuals, families and businesses over the past 20 years in the areas of Accounting, Bookkeeping, Taxation, Personnel and Business Finance, Property Investments and Wealth Creation areas. This is a good opportunity for an intern to gain hands on core accounting experience and progress in their career.

Last Date to Apply – 30.06.2021



Accounts Internship with an IT Firm

This is a great opportunity to intern at an IT firm’s accounts department. The client is an Australian company with a national presence and diverse workforce that specialises in the field of information technology, Data Analytics and Cloud computing. Their primary service is to provide consultancy and training to businesses looking to drive a high-performance culture and to support integrated operations.



Marketing Internship in Motor Trade Industry

Our host is a leader in providing Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) courses in the motor trade industry. They aim to educate and develop technicians to the highest standard in the skill of PDR by creating a community and instilling a culture based on integrity and respect. In-turn forging unlimited possibilities for their graduates.  Their core business is mentoring their students from start to finish into the workplace. Their sister concern manages end to end PDR solutions, key external stakeholders may include Automotive Dealerships, Insurers, Brokers, Government Bodies and their clientele. Genuine customer service is at the heart of what they do, helping people who have suffered a loss or damage get back on with life.



Accounts Intern at a 5 Star Hotel in Noosa

Our host, a 5-star resort, is based in the middle of Hastings Street in Noosa. As part of the worldwide Augmented Hospitality leader Accor, they are a team of over 300,000 experts committed to reinventing hospitality with unique and unrivalled experiences within their addresses. This is an excellent opportunity for an intern to gain experience as an accountant in the hospitality sector.



Graduate Accountant Internship at a Super Fund

Our host is a specialist Self-Managed Super Fund Administration service provider that distinguishes itself through a partnership-based business model. The company has it’s key personnel bringing in over 100 years’ experience in SMSF, Corporate Superannuation, Industry Fund, Dealer Groups and Accounting. This is a fantastic opportunity for and intern to gain experience in a fast-growing company across a range of accounting and finance areas.


“I found the internship experience a great opportunity as it helped me sharpen my skills. I also was able to review new software applications in industry and understand the practical purposes they serve. Getting practical industry experience is hard to gain on your own and ECA Internships made it easy.” Rajinder Kaur, Accounting Intern

Marketing Internship at a Fast-Paced Start-up

Our client is a growing team of ambitious and entrepreneur- minded young professionals. They developed an online platform that targets international students and travellers. They aim to create a vibrant and hip online community; truly understand the needs of their audiences and provide them with updated and genuine information on every aspect of studying and living in Australia.



Project Management Internship at a Multi-national

Our host is a multinational corporation that operates three internationally renowned brands dedicated to bringing worldwide protection and care. The B2B2C leader in assistance and insurance solutions offer a range of products and services in the following areas of expertise: global assistance, international health & life, global automotive and travel insurance. This global family of over 17,500 employees is present in 76 countries, speaks 70 languages and handles 44 million cases per year, protecting customers and employees on all continents.


top 10 internships in Australia 2021

Hear what Yu-Ching Huang, a Finance Intern from Taiwan has to say about her experience of working with one of our host.


Marketing and Sales Internship at a Leading Training College

Our client is one of Australia’s leading new training colleges, delivering quality training to international and domestic students in a range of high-demand industries, including aviation, business, hospitality, childcare, fashion, and information technology.



Payroll Internship at an Insurance Company

Our client is a Registered Service Provider in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), delivering support services specialising in disability. Our client is fast-growing, dynamic, and quality-driven organisation committed to continuous improvement; working hard to develop, implement and deliver client-goals.



Digital Marketing Internship at A Not-for-profit

Our client is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2011 and they are on a mission to save lives and reduce emotional pain. They are committed to promote the prevention or control of factor and behaviours leading to suicide; raise community awareness of suicide and the reasons for it.


ECA (Education Centre of Australia) Internships is a proudly Australian Internship Management and student employability program aimed at international students. Our programs and services are specifically designed to assist students with the transition from classroom to the workforce. We manage internship programs for a variety of Universities and Higher Education providers with the aim to increase employability after graduation. ECA Internships offer a variety of solutions designed to optimise career opportunities for students in a variety of industries.

ECA currently employs over 300 people and our enrolments exceed 7500 students. We work in partnership with quality university providers and we operate several highly successful colleges.

Not sure which internship is right for you? Get in touch with our student counsellors and they will guide you through the process.

How data scientists are helping advancement in the healthcare sector

How data scientists are helping advancement in the healthcare sector


In the healthcare sector, data scientists are in much demand. Data is the key to innovation and it opens up new opportunities for improved and more informed healthcare. It is the data scientist’s job to find ways to collect and process high volumes of healthcare data to further interpret and use it for medical discoveries.

The time is ripe to intern as a data scientist and gain experience in various sectors. For now, let us look at the use of data science to bring advancement in the healthcare sector.

Medical Image Analysis

Data science plays a major role in its application in medical imaging. Procedures such as detecting tumours become easier with it. The imaging techniques include X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography and mammography. Many new tools are being developed to provide more accurate ways of extracting data from the images with efficient quality. With the help of data science, image interpretation can be made seamless.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves the quality of image evaluation in radiology. All the time, doctors use their experience and knowledge to draw the right conclusions from images. With numerous images that have been processed and marked by a healthcare professional, a data scientist can train the neural network to recognize deviations in new images. The neural network model trained on a massive image collection from a database can then analyze a picture and conclude if there is a disease.

Genetics and Genomics

The advancement in genetics and genomics create many ways for personalized treatment. Data scientists try to understand the impact of DNA on our health and their goal is to find individual biological connections between genetics, diseases and drug response.

Data science techniques allow integration of various data with genomic data in disease research. This provides a greater understanding of genetic issues in reaction to particular drugs or diseases. When we would be able to acquire reliable personal genome data, we will achieve a deeper understanding of the human DNA.

Drug Discovery

Machine learning presents an excellent opportunity for biochemical and pharmaceutical industries in the field of drug discovery. The drug discovery process is generally very complicated and involves many disciplines. A single formula has to go through multiple steps before it is approved. On an average, it takes 12 years to make a submission. The formula is often rejected despite all the time, effort and money invested.

Data scientists can shorten the process, adding a perspective to each step from initial screening of drug compounds to the prediction of the success rate based on biological factors. Algorithms can forecast how the compound will act in the body using advanced mathematical modelling and simulations instead of experiments conducted in the laboratory. The aim is to create computer model simulations as a biologically relevant network simplifying the prediction of future outcomes with high accuracy.

Virtual Assistance for Patients

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, a consolidated effort is being made to limit patients’ visits to the hospital and shift everything to virtual platforms. Effective solutions are being provided with the help of mobile applications which are bringing the doctor to the patient.

The mobile apps are AI-powered and can provide basic healthcare support usually as chatbots. The patient describes his/her symptoms or asks questions and in turn receives key information about his/her medical condition derived from a wide network that links symptoms to causes. Apps can also remind the patient to take medicines on time and if necessary, assign an appointment with the doctor.

Many of our host companies are from the health care sector and ECA Internships has assisted over 7500 students secure Internships. If you are looking to gain real world work experience and are currently onshore in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne check this page

Future of 5G & Data Science and Analytics Jobs

Future of 5G & Data Science and Analytics Jobs


A recent paper published by Accenture looks into the next-generation mobile network technology – 5G. As it talks about the technology it also points out the deep uncertainty that surrounds it. Many technology and business executives are unsure how 5G will impact their sector. In fact, more than half the executives spoken to don’t expect the technology to have any major impact. So, as a student in 2021 about to graduate – should you be bothered with 5G and will it have any impact on your life apart from making streaming movies faster? To answer this it is important to truly understand the impact 5G will have on the world and then the opportunities and disruption it will bring along with it.

Understanding the Impact of 5G

I will start off by saying 5G is poised to be a very big deal, bigger than when mobile phones penetrated the market or for that matter it is bound to have a bigger impact on the world around us than any other technology yet. Its speed, capacity, dramatically reduced power consumption and communication response time (latency) will open up a world of possibilities. 5G networks rely on much smaller but more densely deployed antennas – attached not to towers but just the side of buildings and light poles. Tests show that 5G can be nearly 100x faster than any technology currently in use.

Why is no one then taking this seriously just yet? Blame it on the marketers – who have already marketed 5G enabled mobile phones that are no different from 4G enabled ones – it’s the same as buying a 4K TV and watching non-HD content. It’s not going to excite you. Over the last decade farms have upgraded and are using technology to improve their output in one way or the other. But with 5G localized sensors and connected networks, it will be a reality. This can make the sector substantially more efficient from connected sensors in the ground, drones patrolling crops and integrated weather tracking.

There is no shortage of predictions about the potential of the technology but a full 5G deployment might be 5 years away but early signs are out there.

The 5G Disruption

Every sector will need a cloud native architect, a data scientist, a cyber security expert, a hardware expert for 5G enabled devices. This is inevitable. From Agriculture to Construction to Mining – the talent pool required is going to transform the job market. Imagine being recruited as a cybersecurity expert at a shrimp farm 400km from a metropolitan city. That’s the future.

How do you prepare?

Constant upskilling is the only way forward. You cannot take up a course on 5G technology today – because it doesn’t exist. But, if you want to continue being relevant and earn big you need to constantly upskill. Getting hands-on experience while you finish your degree also plays a crucial role in staying relevant. Part-time work, project based roles and internships can help you gain experience in these fields.

Using Data Science for better decision making

The coming together of an increasingly complicated world, the vast proliferation of data and the pressing need to stay at the forefront of competition are prompting organizations to focus on using data science for driving strategic business decisions. Hence, I feel that the need for data scientists is only set to grow in the future. When the domain expertise of data scientists and business knowledge is used to enrich the data collected through machines, very specific performance enhancing actions can be taken.

Data Analytics for Small & Medium sized Enterprises

A report that came out last year, based on a survey of small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by the Singapore Institute of Technology and the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, stated that about 70% of the 575 SMEs surveyed had not yet adopted data analytics.

Many haven’t because collecting relevant data at multiple touch points is an expensive affair. Hence Small and Medium enterprises rely on generic research to take business decisions. This will change with 5G.

How can SMEs use data analytics?

With machine learning, SMEs can track customers through the different stages of the sales cycle. Then with data analytics, they will be able to determine a particular segment of customers that are ready to buy and more importantly what and when. Thanks to Big data, SMEs can get a fuller picture of their customers-what makes them tick? Why do they buy? How do they prefer to shop? What they will buy next? Etc.

The big boys like Amazon leverage big data to send us buyer recommendations. This often surprises us when we think about how they know what we want. Data analysis helps them figure out what types of products we will want to buy in the future and then they suggest those items, the next time we visit their portal. Similarly, small businesses can use data to make predictions about what their customers will want to buy.

How Big Data can help Agriculture?  

Here, again I will talk about the agricultural sector. The scope of Big data in Agriculture is large and we have just begun to explore the tip of the iceberg.

Feeding a growing population is one of the key challenges that every government is facing. The way out is to achieve an increase in yield from existing farmlands. Big data provides farmers with data on rainfall patterns, water cycles, fertilizer requirements, etc. This enables farmers to make smart decisions like what crops to plant for better profitability and when to harvest them. The right decisions ultimately improve farm yield.

According to a McKinsey report, a third of food produced for human consumption is wasted every year. A devastating fact when one considers that governments are struggling to bridge the gap between supply and demand. In this regard, Big data can help achieve supply chain efficiencies by tracking and optimizing delivery truck routes.

What does this mean for you? 

As you graduate you will be part of a talent pool that will be working in an incredibly dynamic environment. With rapid changes in technology, the need for employees that can learn and unlearn quick will only grow. Gaining experience in these fields early on will help you develop strong fundamentals and also give you a sneak peak into the sector. The experience an internship can give you today will help you succeed in the years to come.

ECA Internships have many internship positions available for aspiring students in the above fields. Click here to see the latest available internships in the field of Cyber Security, Software Development, Data Analytics and Science. 


Internship Opportunities that did not exist a decade ago | ECA Review

Internship Opportunities that did not exist a decade ago | ECA Review


The world around is changing – and no one believes otherwise. Technologies invented a decade or so ago are already being forgotten and every day we are pushing the boundaries a little further. Over the last few years at ECA Internships we are seeing a swift shift in the type of internship opportunities that our hosts are requesting. 4 years ago, over 50% of all internships on our portal were related to marketing, finance and accounting.  Now 42% of all internships posted on our portal revolve around data science, data analytics, cyber security, cloud native architecture and other new age technology related roles.

This is quite a significant shift – from 0 requests on a few of these roles just 5 years ago to 42% of all internships! Another puzzler is that when we talk to new companies, they tell us about how finding talent to fill up these positions is becoming a challenge due to the lack of availability. This is a perfect setting for students looking to pursue a career in data science, analytics, cybersecurity and even blockchain – as the number of opportunities are plenty, the pay is lucrative and there is demand for quality talent.

Do you still don’t believe us? Did you know just 10 years back – the concept of Instagram Influencers was unknown. There were 0 influencers on Instagram and do you know why – because Instagram was launched in October 2010! Social Media Manager, another profile that many are recruited as did not exist 10 years ago – well Facebook only had about 400 million users in 2010. That’s how fast things are changing. So, when we say cybersecurity will become one of the most lucrative careers in the next few years – we are not just guessing.

A cyber-attack can disrupt a traditional computer system by manipulating the software or erasing data, but the physical computer is still intact, and with various degree of efforts, the software and the data can be restored. But a cyber physical system, can be destroyed – that is, made to explode. Repairing or replacing such a system can take weeks or even months. Especially if many are destroyed at the same time, since spare systems and parts are usually scarce and often custom manufactured. As we move ahead and the good guys get better, the bad guys will get worse. Cyber security roles across sectors are bound to become a norm. Every company will need a cyber security professional if not a team on their payroll. Today, we can count the number of companies with a cyber security department.

Here is an article on how to get hired as a Cyber Security Intern

Recently, we had compiled a list of all the skills that will be in-demand in 2021, while compiling that list too we saw compelling data to suggest that the field of data science, UI/UX, cloud architecture, cyber security will see a boom. That article was published in January 2021 and since then 73% of all the new internship opportunities uploaded on our portal by our host companies have revolved around the above-mentioned skills.

One of the main challenges many students face is that frontline colleges do not offer these subjects as a part of their core curriculum hence students sometimes feel that they do not have the required background to apply for these positions, however, that is the beauty of an internship. You can have little knowledge of the subject yet secure an internship and learn at the job.

Here is a list of colleges we compiled for our host companies to hire from – if you are still applying for colleges and choosing a program this list will give be surely helpful.

Do you want to stay updated about new internship postings in your field of interest? Just fill the form and we will notify you every time a relevant opportunity opens up.

ECA (Education Centre of Australia) Internships is a proudly Australian Internship Management and student employability program aimed at international students. Our programs and services are specifically designed to assist students with the transition from classroom to the workforce. We manage internship programs for a variety of Universities and Higher Education providers with the aim to increase employability after graduation. ECA Internships offer a variety of solutions designed to optimise career opportunities for students in a variety of industries.

From an ECA intern to an award-winning Project Manager

From an ECA intern to an award-winning Project Manager


In this article, we share with you the story of an ECA professional year student who went from being a fresh graduate to becoming part of an award-winning App development team.

Starting the journey with ECA and Elegant Media

After finishing her masters of business (IT) at RMIT in 2019, Tina Chim was looking for a way to break into the industry. This was when she came across ECA’s professional year program, and she instantly felt the professional year program being offered by ECA was a perfect fit for her.

Tina began her professional year at the start of 2020, and after finishing her initial certifications and programs, it was time for her to start the process of getting an internship. “The ECA professional year takes you through a step-by-step process for getting the internship that will work best for you, which was great,” says Tina.

Even though she was applying for an internship during one of the worst economic periods of the century, she was offered an internship with Elegant Media, one of the leading App development companies in Australia.

From internship to employee

internship in Australia for international students Tina’s time as an intern at Elegant Media was marked with a steep learning curve. “There were multiple areas of the business that I got to work in. I was working with real projects, which pushed me to learn a lot in a short period of time. It was an excellent opportunity to understand and grow in the industry.”

Tina excelled during the internship, was a good fit with the company environment and a few months after finishing the internship, she was offered a full-time position at Elegant Media.

She feels she was offered a job at the company because of her work ethic and because of how well she jelled within the company.

“Being offered an internship and then a job in a year like 2020 was a blessing, I was very happy when I got hired.”

The best part of ECA professional year and becoming a project manager

“Based on my personal experience, the tutor I had at ECA was very passionate about what he was teaching. The tutor ended up making the course extremely interesting and I think that really helped in pushing me to learn more during my professional year.”

The professional year program presented Tina with the opportunity of an internship and she feels it was invaluable in her journey to becoming a Project Manager in an award-winning app development team at Elegant Media.

“The best part about working as a project manager with an App developer is the fact that I am constantly learning. No two days are the same; I get to work on different projects with different clients, and I enjoy this process of learning and adapting to different project needs.”

Future plans and advice to new interns

“I have had the opportunity to work with the new interns that came to work with us this year and it was a very humbling experience. I still have a lot to learn, but while talking to them I also realised how much I have learnt in the last year.”

I plan on growing as a project manager and becoming better at coordinating and handling a team. At Elegant Media, we are always pushing the boundaries of innovation and efficiency and I plan to play a key role in our companies success over the coming years.

I would advise all students thinking of doing a professional year program to not underestimate the connections they can make and the things they can learn during this year. You never know where the professional year can take you.

ECA Internships have helped over 7500 students with internships at their 500+ host companies. Over 65% of our interns get hired in the same sector they intern in. Connect with an ECA expert to being your journey.